MOTUC Figure Review….Count Marzo

Count Marzo is one of those Big Lots deals….I scored him for only $10, and promptly gave him to SpartanSmurf #1.  He is a figure I had contemplated purchasing before….but somethng always held me back.  But at $10, he was an instant nab.  And I didn’t think twice about giving him to one of my children, so that they can love Masters of the Universe as I do.

The Four Horsemen have said that they received criticism from Mattel about the design of the figure.  He resembled the anime style too much.  That is definitely here….At the time he was released, there Mattel did not have the rights to Filmation, and could not design him to look like that version…So they punted and went with the more Russian version from the Mike Young cartoon, which took its design cues from anime…..and so on.

But I like anime.  See my previous posts!  And I wouldn’t want a Filmation Marzo, who appears to be a “frumpy old man.”  (Yes I said “frumpy,” and meant it.)

Marzo is one of the few characters to get his own torso sculpt.  He’s totally ripped!  His head has big hair, that does hinder the movement of his head.  His cape is very cool, made of rubber that looks like cloth!  It is very nice, and is removeable if you take off Marzo’s head.  One of the first things I did with the cape was try it out on Skeletor!

With this cape, and the powered up staff fro The Faceless One, Skeletor, looks like an anime character!

Marzo comes with an awesome spear-tipped sword.  You could really do some damage with that!

And he comes with the amulet he used in the cartoon to transform him from an old peddler into the powerful wizard!  The Amulet is made of translucent plastic.   Nice touch!  He was the first figure to come with a gripping hand, and holds the amulet nicely with that grip hand.

You will both learn to share…OR ELSE!

I have nothing bad to say about Count Marzo.  He’s boss.  I DO wish we would get the old man version of Marzo, that is the version that transforms with an amulet.  But this figure is certainly welcome as he is.  He gets a 5/5. What is your rating?  I’m waiting to give out some prizes!


                 As I tirelessly remind anyone who reads this blog.  I’M A CHEAPSKATE.  Mostly out of responsibility and guilt, needing to spare luxuries sometimes to make the ends meet.  So what news caught this Tri-Clops’ eye?

                  So I made my way to the Big Box discount store.  And LOADED UP!  MOTUC figures for $10 a piece.  Even the giant figures!

I got….

Orko/ Prince Adam
Icarius (Flipshot)
Count Marzo
Snout Spout.

I passed up on Faceless One (already have one), Molar/Skeletor (I have two Skeletors already and hate Molar.)

For $50.  YEAH.  AND it is TAX FREE WEEKEND!

This score seems exceptionally huge because of two things.  (1) At the MonsterCon, I bought a MOTUC Spikor for $40, reminding me of the huge aftermarket prices of these figures.  I TRIED to buy a FlipShot and a Marzo from someone, who backed out of the deal not wanting to take my debit card.  (Pleeeze.  This is the 1990’s.  Duh!) (2) ToyGuru and Company are trying to get me to subscribe.  AND I wish I could.  But I can’t commit.  Oh how I want a Modulok.  But I can’t commit.  I just can’t do it.  That is paying more than $500 for mostly sight unseen product.  And I buy a ton of Magic Cards and Comic books.  And these things are mostly for MY entertainment.  I have mentioned before that my boys don’t really play with them.  (Well they are now, now that I scored a few figs, but the newness will soon wear off.)

I wished I could find some female characters.  No luck 😦  Some folks on the internet say that they found Moss Man, King Grayskull, and Grizzlor.  I had no luck here either.

Lots of reviews on the way, including my first ever UNBOXING Reviews!

“Forever is a long time, Skeletor!”