Why I Choose AZORIUS

Why I, the SpartanNerd, chooses AZORIUS

When I began playing Magic: The Gathering, It was right when the Magic 2012 Core Set was released.  I found some Magic 2011 cards on sale also, and scooped them up.  Right away I identified with the Zombies and such.  I am drawn to the black magic.  That’s me in general.  I find that stuff entertaining.

But Azorius is Blue and White!

When Magic Core Set 2013, came out, many of the cards I had come to love became illegal in standard.  So I began to experiment.  The Green style of playing just doesn’t work for me.  And neither does Red.  I found that I do as well with White as I did Black.  But the Blue style magic reminded me the most of Majaya from Shadow Era.  With lots of control spells, etc.

So Azorius was pushed out in Return to Ravnica, is a combination of Blue and White, two styles that I play well.  How well?  Well last night I won half of my matches and would have been top eight if I wasn’t forced to take a loss for being late.  AND I BEAT A CAREER PLAYER!  So I’m feeling good today.

When I think about who beats me the most, it is usually Gruul (Red and Green).  So my Azorius deck is designed to keep Gruul specifically under control.  The Gruul players like to bloodrush, Titanic Growth, etc, but they can’t if you are armed with defensive spells.  And that is what Azorius is all about.  A good defense is your offense.

You see, I really believe that, way down in my heart.


So I detain the attacking creatures, and shut down Gruul.  Do I win every time?  No. But I am ready for these aggressive strategies.  And some of my deal is I’m an idiot player.  My two actual losses last night came from bonehead decisions.  AND, I forgot that “Ruric Thar, the Unbowed” penalizes non-creature spells….New Card Syndrome!

But it was very satisfying when one of these Gruul players had five attackers, and one bloodrushed, and I had been holding “Aetherize” in my hand.  NOT GETTING THROUGH!  This was him being a bonehead.  He should have known something was up when I didn’t attack him.

And I took two wins by attacking with small, cheap creatures.  “Azorius Arrester” gave one guy 18 damage.  “Azorius Arrester”….a 2/1 wimp hit him at least 9 times.  My opponent couldn’t touch me.  Also “Lyev Skyknight” did well for me.  I was able to detain “Fog Banks”, other flyers, etc.  I had four “fatties” hit the board at the right times last night.  They served their purposes well.

I got milled one time.  I couldn’t do anything about that.  This was a time I should have mulliganned on down to five.

My Azorius strategy didn’t do well against stuff with haste and flash.  “Yeva, Nature’s Herald” became a problem for me.  It didn’t do well when the proper manna wasn’t available (no one does, right)   Just the same, I really believe in this strategy.

Think about it.  I am a teacher.  I am always saying….”Stop that.” (Negate)  “No Talking” (Render Silent) “Go to the office” (Oblivion Ring, Detention Sphere). “I know you didn’t just…” (Rain of Blades)…

See what I mean.  I might be drawn to the Black Magic for entertainment purposes.  But I AM AZORIUS.

Until I decide to switch, I guess.

More about Shadow Era….Dark Prophecies

Dark Prophecies expansion

I dropped some Shadow Crystals on some booster packs of Dark Prophecies today….Here are my thoughts about the expansion….

One thing that is new is the idea of weakness…..For instance, some allies might be resistant to Ice damage, but hurt more by fire damage. Certainly not a new idea in fantasy stuff, but new to Shadow Era.

I put some new cards in my Majaya deck.  “Meteor Shower” is one of my favorites, hitting someone for 3 damage and setting all of the allies on fire.  SCORE!  My best trick has always been to use the “Voice of Winter” as my weapon.  This thing freezes any new allies.  So they might be frozen and burned if the cards fall right!  But now there is another new card, “Kelvin’s Charm,” which allows you the chance to make any weapon have the ability to freeze things when they are hit.  Wicked touch for a weapon like the “Wrath of Summer,” which also sets things ablaze.

I won four matches in a row today, with a 40 card deck, In every case, my life total was whittled down to almost nothing, and then Majaya’s spells really started their work.  I made a poor calculation once, and was still able to recover.

One of the coolest tricks was the “Scrying Eye.”  You play this as a support item, and then you can see the next card your opponent has on top….and you can use a shadow energy to shuffle his deck.  Needless to say, at the end game when card advantage is key, this tips the scale for Majaya.  “Boris Skullcrusher” has “Kings Pride” up next, pay out and shuffle.  Then he gets “Rain Delay,” a useless card against an all support user!

You see, the way it was before the expansion, Majaya couldn’t do what I wanted her to do….to be an all powerful loner.  She was too weak.  Now it seems that there are enough offensive spells, weapons, armor, and support to make this happen.  And this isn’t a common strategy in Shadow Era.  Everyone seems to be all about the YuGiOh style “Summon Monsters.”  No one is taking the “Blue” magic approach like me.  And that is going to be my beat for awhile.  I am leaving “Gravebone” and “Boris,” along with “Ogloth the Glutton,” because this is not my vision for the game.  Finally things seem to be right.

He looks awesome!  King He-Man, anyone?

Another thing….The Shadow Era website has some articles about two LEGENDARY CREATURES. One is “Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi” and the other is “Scourge Colossus.”  I have not seen these two in the merchant….(the in game store.)  The article mentions people finding them in booster packs…I bought ten boosters today, and got three EPIC cards, but neither of these LEGENDARY creatures.  Did someone say one of them was 4200 in-game gold in the comments?  Wow.

Well, I haven’t seen them in action, either.

I wish you really could trade your cards.  If there is a way, I haven’t figured it out.  This might be a way of scoring one.

“Five card stud, nothing wild. And the sky’s the limit”