SpartanNerd’s MOTUC He-Man Review

My first ever TOY REVIEW!!!!

Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man!

I really hoped my boys would dig into this.  I bought them a few, but they simply don’t have that much interest.  They like the way they look.  But the magic isn’t there that existed when I was a kid.  Every once in a while if I put on a MOTU cartoon, their interest will spark up.  But that is it.  They are just not as into the property as I am.

I mention being into the property….I have followed since I got onto the internet!  (It was Adam Tyner’s page then!  )  I was thrilled to find others that longed for the days of MOTU.  And I was so happy when they put out the 200x cartoon, and I got a few of the toys then.  (I was REALLY BROKE then.)

I don’t own many of these new figures….I mean, they cost nearly $40 a pop from Mattel!  But I fell in love with the idea as soon as it was announced, and it wasn’t long before I had a tiny collection of basic figures.  I am going to start with He-Man!  (Where else would I start?)

I don’t care much about the packaging….I usually look at it for a second, and then throw it away.  The MOTUC bios are OK with me, but I can read those anytime on the internet.  AND, I can also look at the packaging if I want to look at it for some reason.  So I normally feed the packaging to Oscar the Grouch!

My He-Man figure is the first “re-issue” of He-Man.  Apparently the “first edition” had backwards shoulders, and too much red around the eyes.  (He has been given the loving nickname of “Pepper Spray He-Man!)  Mine has none of these problems…Mattel saw to go ahead and fix their flagship character.

I have been playing with this guy for about….10 months?   He is properly broken in!  I can still hear a tight little click sometimes when I move his joints after he has sat for awhile.  His ankles are getting a little loose, though.  (He has “pin” style ankles.  You can see the pin in his shoes at the joint.

But WOW.  What an update!  You only had five articulation points on the vintage He-Man figure.  Basically on all of them.  But the MOTUC design has an articulation point on every major human joint!  There is also an ab crunch, and boot cuts so that you can point He-Man’s shins.  So a MOTUC figure is more like a vintage Gi-Joe figure, only exploded to a 6 inch (7 inch) scale.  This is the greatest He-Man we’ve ever seen,…..Heck, it is just about the greatest action figure we’ve ever seen!

Ab Crunch!

He came with the same accessories that the vintage one came with, with an updated “full” power-sword, so that you can properly display him when he is alone.  He also came with a half power sword, a throwback to the vintage figure who had a sword that could combine with Skeletor’s to open Castle Grayskull’s door.  This idea remains….but the swords do not fit together so well  😦

He also comes with his iconic battle axe, shield, and power harness.  (armor)  I think I prefer seeing He-Man hold the Battle Axe nowadays in my old age.

So what don’t I like about it?  Well, I feel guilty about owning such a luxury item….I mean, I paid nearly $50 for my He-Man in the after-market.  I have bills to pay, family to feed, and I’m a grown up.  I don’t really “play” with toys.  I think they are cool.  I like to display them.  He-Man makes a good Magic the Gathering table piece.  I even like to poke around with them, which I guess IS playing with it.  But I don’t play with it like I did as a kid.  SpartanNerd though I am, to have a full on Eternian War is sort of beneath me, I suppose I am sad to say.  To display such a war would be cool, if I was rich.  I could display him at work, but I found out quickly that he is a bit to naked for my clientele.  (Elementary School)   Maybe during a movie year!

So how will I rate my He-Man figure…..He gets a 4/5.  The point was lost because the ankle joints have become weak.  This won’t do on THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!

I will bring more of these figure reviews in the future!

“With great power there must also come — great responsibility.”  – Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)


Wreck It Ralph

My first Non Comics entry!

As mentioned a few times previously, the SpartanNerd is a bit of a cheapskate, and also has some offspring.  So the I must keep the SpartanSmurfs entertained somehow cheaply.  So I took them to the Wynnsong up in the Spartanburg proper for an hour and a half of $1.50 family fun.  Wreck It Ralph, though already released for home video, was a beautiful sight to behold on the big screen.

I kind of thought I might not really like it going into it.  I’d heard some good things about it….but it just didn’t look that great to me from the advertising…..I kind of expected something like another “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” (didn’t like, or “up” (what a downer).    But I was pleasantly surprised.  The movie opened with none other than a little spiel where Ralph explains how his game “Fix It Felix, Jr.” works.  This description screamed 1980’s NES SpartanNerd.  I remember explaining games to random people in just the same way.  AND, shortly after that we see lots of cameos of famous video game personalities.  (Meeting in a Surge Protector of all things!)  Chief among them, Bowser (from Super Mario) Zangief and M. Bison (from Street Fighter) Kano (from Mortal Kombat) Clyde (from Pac Man) a ninja (probably Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat) Saitin (this guy reminded me of Darkstalkers, or maybe just the devil) and a Zombie.  Who knows from where.  This scene was just about enough to make the movie memorable to me, but then the plot got going and it was getting better and better.  There were some fairly emotional moments in the film, and am I sure that the SpartanNerd was having a Matinee Allergy Attack, making his eyes water……..

This film also does a great job of Deux Ex Machina.  The problem was subtly replaced by a greater threat, which changed the focus of the plot right at the end.  A PLOT TWIST! (I could have just said that, right?)

Did I mention how beautiful the film was?  The Candy world scenes in this film were splenda-id (see what I did there, huh :).  And the scene from the action game rang a lot of nostalgic bells, specifically Turok 2, a little Halo, and a little Terminator.  I thought the match up of Felix and the Commander chick was sort of twisted, also.

So, I am going to rate this film at 8/10.  Given the choice of watching this film, and say, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, I’d choose Star Wars.  of course, it still beats Gone With the Wind (shudder)  What does it tie reasonably with,,,,,,maybe Superman 2.  Or maybe Aladdin.  Or maybe Ghostbusters 2.  I mentioned Cloudy With a chance of Meatballs, for me, that was a 6/10.  ROTS was a 10/10.  Gone with the Wind gets a ……why bother.   SO maybe that clears up my ratings system.

From here on out, I am going to treat a movie that I see late in the game, like this one, as a movie that I feel I can spoil.  But when “Man of Steel” comes out this summer and I am the first person in line, and I blog about it after seeing it the third time on the second day after it was released, I won’t give any spoilers.  Not until the dust settles.  I might even give an initial review, and then a late game review with spoilers, to see if my opinion changes any over time….Who knows.

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