SpartanNerd Sunday……Playmat…..Protector of the Keep

I mentioned that I picked this playmat out as a Father’s Day present in an earlier Magic the Gathering related post.

I saw many people use a playmat, but I never really understood it until I used one of my own.  The cards are more comfortable to use all around with this item.  It helps keep them clean, and they slide around easlily on one.

I chose this one over several other choices.  I didn’t make the choice lightly.  There are a lot of pretty ones out there, but I knew I probably wouldn’t use any other playmat for awhile.

The Protector of the Keep is not a Magic the Gathering product.  It is marketed towards that, but is not officially from the wizards.  Just the same, she fits in very well.

Why this one…over say, this one?

Serenity Angel

This one caught my eye at the Tangled Web.  I think it is in fact a much prettier angel.

The other two I considered were…

Sacred Foundry
Godless Shrine

I actually play both of these cards, and find Godless Shrine to be especially pretty.  (I like stained glass windows, and play Orzov a good bit.  Not a very uplifting name, though.  But this is fiction, people!)

No, the Protector of the Keep won out.  She is a seraph.  In the Bible, an angel that remains in the presence of God has six wings.  Two to fly, two to cover its face, and two to cover its feet.  (Isaiah 6:8) This angel is a protector as well.  In the Bible, Micheal is the protector of God’s people.  This Angel is Protector of the Keep.  She reminds me of Michael.  (I always see Michael as a man, but…..) The protector here is stylized as a strong woman, armed to the teeth, those six wings ready to protect.  I’m down with that.

Whenever anyone asks me about my Angel, or comments on my playmat, I get a chance to talk about God’s holiness.  This can lead to discussing Jesus Christ and the wonderful work he has done for humanity in granting us access to such a holy God!

So is talking about something so serious welcome at a Friday Night Magic Tournament?  Most of the time, people look at me and say, “Really?  I didn’t know that.”

SpartanNerd Sunday may become a regular feature of this blog.  Anyone interested?  There are many connections in nerd-tainment to the Bible, God, religion, and other things of a spiritual nature.  And there are a ton of run-of-the-mill devotions on Facebook and whatnot.  Mine could be really different.

Comment People!  I need to hear from the Hub City Geeks!