Here’s what’s been happening, oh Hub City Geeks.

My life has been a mess.  And so blogging has taken a back seat.  I have continued to play cards.  And now, me and the SpartanKid can say “slay” cards.  I have won quite a few Standard tournaments, top four-ed a Modern Tournament, and split with a true champion on Guilds of Ravnica Draft.  The SpartanKid took the “Second Sun Control” Challenger Deck, and he also has done well with that in Standard recently.  (Of course that has rotated.  But it was great to see him do well in Standard for awhile.)

I hope to return to the Blogosphere.  But I really need to monetize this blog.  I get tons of hits on my MTG reviews.  Everyday as many as 60 people.  Which is super good, considering I haven’t written anything since April!  (Today is November 17, 2018.) . It costs money to review stuff.  I don’t get free samples or anything like that.  Add to the fact that I have filled up all of my WordPress gigabytes with photos, meaning they want me to upgrade.

It also appears that almost none of my other reviews get alot of hits.  So maybe I will only cover Magic the Gathering?

I purchased two of the Guild Kits and took pictures for reviews.  But I just don’t know if it’s worth it.  I am thinking of reviewing them, and seeing if I can get positive responses.  Also, I have purchased Pokemon, Let’s Go! Pikachu.  I’ll see about reviewing that, and maybe some other Nintendo Switch games.

Anyways, Hub City Geeks.  I am going to try and come back.  Be on the lookout for reviews of Dimir and Galgori Guild Kit decks, and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!