SpartanNerd Review….Sonic the Black Knight by Jazwares

I reviewed several Sonic figures once before…you can, and probably should read that first by clicking this link.

Sonic the Black Knight is from a video game that puts Sonic into the medieval times.  I haven’t played much of this game, but SpartanSmurf #2 has almost beaten it.  What I have played is a combat mode where you fight against another player.

Sonic the Black Knight is a larger figure than these that I reviewed before.   But he has the exact same articulation.

But this time that isn’t as nice.

Here is Sonic the Black Knight, against some pajamas as a background…
You can see the sword and the mask in the window box.  This box also tells ME
that this is Excalibur Sonic.

Here’s the back of the box.  Pretty good art.  But not showing Sonic in his armor.

Here he is out of the box and mask less.

This is obviously supposed to be Excalibur.  (What else?)
It glows in the dark!

When we arm Sonic and put on his mask, he looks like this.
This is the mask raised to show his face.  What?  You can’t see it?

Here he is with mask closed.  This mask just doesn’t work.
Here is the backside of Sonic.  I think it looks like a golden artichoke.
This button peg keeps coming off of the mask.  I wonder how long until it is lost forever?

Here is Excalibur Sonic next to Classic Sonic and Super Sonic.
You can really see the size difference.

For the life of me, I couldn’t get a good picture of the sword glowing in the dark.  But I assure you it does quite nicely.
When Sonic the Black Knight came out of the box, his head was so tight I was afraid it would break.  But two days later, this figure is very loose.  Every joint can hardly support any weight.  The pictures here took repeated attempts, and there were multiple falls.
I appreciate the detail, and the level of articulation on this figure.  Unfortunately, there are several things working against a positive rating.  I give it a 2/5.  This is because he does not easily stand, his mask doesn’t work well…you can’t see his face good if it is up and the peg keeps popping out.  But that sword is a big positive.

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