SpartanNerd…Vintage Cards Opening

So, at the Hickory-con I picked up several vintage booster packs.  I am going to start with the Magic the Gathering pack from “Fallen Empires.”  I paid $5 for an eight card pack.  NO RARES.  I believe this to be a re-pack.  Maybe not, though, after reading up on Fallen Empires.  From what I gather from the internet, Hymn to Tourache is the best card in the set, and I opened it…

I had the Homarid and the Homarid Warrior already.  Goblin Churigeon also.  But I got a cool land and the Hymn to Tourache.  meh.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards!  These are from the first cartoon show, 1989-mid nineties-ish.  Actually, these cards chronicle the first seven episodes of the cartoon, which even in my adult memory I remember being INCREDIBLE.  (The foot soldiers were worthy foes even as robots.  The turtles just barely thumped them in later episodes and they would explode, so it seemed.)  You can see the gum was still intact!  There is a puzzle piece here too, which you could collect and make a big picture.  I remember having these as a child, but seeing them in the wax pack there, I knew I just had to have them.  The backs just give a little synopsis of what the front portrays.


The MAIN EVENT.  These are the ones that caught my eye first.  The seller had about five more packs…but at $6.00…These cards are basically the same as the Ninja Turtles cards.  But the gum was melted to the back of one of the cards.  😦   By the way.  Don’t try and eat that gum.  The MOTU trading cards are interesting because they have a mix of ways they portray the characters.  For instance, the “Like Father, Like Daughter” title card depicts Sorceress armor Teela, but the episode shows Filmation art.  The sticker art depicts box art from the toys.  Who drew that He-Man on the front of the wax pack?


And finally, The Simpsons cards.  I definitely remember getting these from a teacher at church…he used trading cards as his classroom management technique.  He was always careful we didn’t get cards that had curse words on them…but I knew they were out there because I bought my own packs.  My parents didn’t like me (and my brothers) watching The Simpsons because of the profanity and the bad influence of Bart Simpson.  These cards really capture those early days of the show, where Bart and his misbehavior seemed to be the focus of the show  The sticker (with Bart in army gear) has Bart writing “Krusty the Clown is not God” on the chalkboard a hundred times.  Homer Simpson calling Bart a Smart@$$ is on one of the cards.  These, and the Ninja Turtles cards, were the ones I remember from my childhood.  I don’t have a memory of the Masters of the Universe cards though.

SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review…”Boss Monster 2″

IMG_6679 IMG_6680

The SpartanNerd’s continual fascination with 2-D graphics led him to purchase “Boss Monster.”  I never posted a review of the game, but I will go ahead and tell you that I give it about a 4/5.  Taking away a point because the game tends to be sort of short.

“Boss Monster 2” is a follow up “stand-alone expansion.”

(I suppose you can mix this game with the first iteration.)

But before any of that, many readers are wondering what this game is all  about in the first place!


Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2 are a card game.  Not an NES or Sega Genesis game.  It takes design cues from that mid eighties to mid nineties aesthetic.  For someone like me, it is a breath of fresh air.  Kind of like “Terraria.”

The point of the game…it is a little backwards.  (Maybe.)  You are the boss monster.  You build your dungeon.  And then try and lure heroes to come attack you.  So you can kill them with your base.

The game begins with five different decks.  Everyone uses the same five decks.


Like “Magic, the Gathering” you have Instant and Sorcery type of spell cards that help you along the way.  Some bosses and some rooms lend themselves more to the use of the spells, while others are just interested in presenting physical danger to each hero who dares come in.

Each turn, players “build a room.”  Everyone reveals their room.  There is “treasure” in each room indicated by icons.  the treasure types are Ankh, Money Bag, Spell Book, and Sword.  The same sort of things the main character of 1980’s types of video games would go after.  If you have the most of that certain type of treasure, heroes revealed from the top of the Hero deck with he same icon will come into your dungeon.  Each room deals damage.  Some rooms have trap abilities.  If the hero comes through, then your boss character takes a wound.  (Five wounds will kill him/her/it.)  If by chance a hero dies in your dungeon, you collect a soul.  (Ten souls wins the game.)

The game gets more intense the longer it goes, leveling up to “Epic Heros” who deal more damage.

Here is a picture of the quick guide to playing.



Boss Monster 2 plays exactly like the original.  There are a few improvements.  More bosses.  Twelve to be exact.  Each one reminds you of some game boss from the past.  (Angstigoth, for example, with one wing sticking up.  Clearly an homage to Sephiroth.)  After you build your fifth room, each boss gets a boost of some sort.  They “level up.”


Regular Heros.  It is brilliant how much personality the game designers were able to give these guys.  In addition to their name, they each have flavor text.  And their retro artwork is also really


And hero and cards with the same name get different artwork.

There are epic heroes, of course.


And this time, specialized epic heroes.  I think they show the nature that this game is a sequel.  Some of the art reflects old school sequels, as well.


These heroes are more specific in nature.  Each one is looking for more than one type of treasure.

The rooms you can build…Here is a picture of each one.  Some of them have identical artwork to other copies.  Others have alternate art.  Adding flavor, and giving the game more of a sense of action.





The spells…some are meant for anytime.  Others only during “combat.”  The spell card art is generally hilarious.  Some alternate copies have alternate art.  (Lightning Bolt comes to mind.  One card shows a hero getting zapped.  The other shows the same, but with his skeleton showing through x-ray style.)



Checkout the art from “Shortcut.”  Highly reminiscent of the warp zones on Super Mario 2!

SpartanNerd’s rating of Boss Monster 2.

I can only give it a 5/5!  This game was already fun and oozing with flavor.  Now, even more!