SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review- “Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas” Duel Deck (Vintage Review)

If you can call decks this young “vintage,” that is.  It has only been about five years since they were first released.  That was around the time I was discovering trading card games.  Bolas was THE BEAST back then, and he recieved a reprint in M13 when I began playing in tournaments, and I would see him on my opponents side of the table, and be envious.  Good times!

I saw the Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas” duel deck at the Tangled Web behind the counter, and asked about it.  I purchased it for $45…let’s remember this is an item you just don’t see on a shelf anymore….I was looking for stuff like this when I went to the Hickory Con, but just couldn’t find anything, at least that I  could afford…




Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas comes in this foil box.  We get some information about this story…clearly Ajani is outmatched…but at least you can play him on turn four.  Bolas is an EIGHT DROP.  Bolas destroyed a plane called Alara, and Ajani is mad.  That summarizes it.

For this review, I hope to show some of the older elements that I find.



Here is what you get in the box.  The deck boxes are pretty, but once again useless for sleeved cards.  This time I am going to cut these up and glue them to Dragon Shields boxes…Ivory for Ajani, and Maroon for Bolas.


The artwork here … we see Bolas from a different angle in this art.  We see what might be the size difference between the two characters.

Here is the deck list for each deck.


Here’s one of those old elements I was talking about…the guide to playing magic!  This poster gives you a lot of information.  In fact, I believe when me and the SpartanChildren began to play this game, we kept this same item on hand for reference.

Nowadays the wizards just use a tiny little card that doesn’t explain much.


First, Ajani’s deck.


Kird Ape.  The poster boy for red-green decks.  I was surprised to see green cards…I guess Ajani held is battle on the shard of Naya.  Wild Nacatl, a posterboy for Naya (red-green-white.)  Wild Nacatl has a legacy of being banned in modern, but recently was taken off of the banlist.

We’ve seen the pridemate printed a few times it seems.

IMG_9300.jpgQasali Pridemage has been printed a few times as well.  He is good…with exalted and a control ability.

IMG_9301.jpgLightning Helix…now we’re talking!  a great card.


Here we have useful to rediculous cards.  Naya Charm…if it’s a charm, it’s good.  Titanic Ultimatum…the opposite of Cruel Ultimatun…a spell of rediculous power, that demands intense color loyalty.



Ajani goes after Bolas with lots of different land options.  Notice “Evolving Wilds…”  The Jungle Shrine is a Tri-Land, one that I didn’t have.  Sapseep Forest…is a FOREST.  You can tutor for it with a real fetch.  (Not with evolving wilds.)  I belive I had Vitu-Ghazi, the City Tree already.

Ajani’s deck is a dedicated aggro deck with a few tricks.  It yells the colors of Naya.  And it does what those colors do.  The green makes bigger creatures.  The white gains life.  The red does damage.  All of Ajani’s stuff can impact the game in a big way.

Nicol Bolas’ deck


Bolas’ deck is obviously of Grixis…the shard that represents his evil alignment.  From Faerie to Toads to Hounds.  Bolas deck looks to be slower right away, and that is because his deck is poised to be a control deck.  Each card has a fun controlling effect.  The Morgue Toad is a card that scrams “GRIXIS.”


I never owned a Moroii before.  Apparently an infamous flyer that hurts you each turn.  He has a drawback for all the power he has to offer, similar to the demons in the duel deck with Lord of the Pit.  Shriekmaw…this guy belongs in every casual black deck.  Blazing Specter unsurpsingly makes someone discard a card.  The specter family of cards typically do something with cards in hand.

Vapor Snag.  NICE.  I have a foil from Modern Masters, and I think I will make my first swap.


More control.  Countersquall.  Recoil.  Undermine.  Icy Manipulator.  (The manipulator has brought me a few win!)  Just more control.


And even more control.  Profane Command could only be supplanted by Similagar’s command, which wouldn’t be printed for another five years.  Come on guys.  Why not Cryptic Command?  ūüôā  Turn/Burn, Pain/Suffering.  Bolas has to cheat.  So why not draw two different cards when he was only supposed to draw one!

And then the imfamous Cruel Ultimatum.  Wow.  The card that won MTG pro finals back in 2011.  But like the other Ultimatum in this collection, it is color intensive.  You have to have everything lined up just right to get it to work.  Cruel is better than Titanic because Titanic is meant to be announced before attackers are declared.  Your window of opportunity is wider with Cruel Ultimatum.  Take away their life irregardless of blockers.  Make them ditch cards, and get one of Bolas’ few but great creatures back from the graveyard.


Bolas doesn’t have as many special lands as Ajani.  He gets two Tri-Lands.  (That’s only fiar.)  He gets two copiews of Terramorphic Expanse (See what they did there.  The two cards have opposing flavor but are functional reprints.)  And then there’s Rupture Spire, which is a City of Brass with the caveat of entering tapped and having to have a many spent on it.  (You don’t have to lose life.)

So who’s better?  Playing the decks

I say, Bolas’ deck has a better plan.  Deal with whatever Ajani throws at him.    That’s what makes this deck fun.  But Ajani can “run over” Bolas before he can win.  And that means these two are perfectly balanced.  So far, I have played eight matches between the two, and both have four wins.  GREAT WORK, WIZARDS (Five years later.)  The decks are fun.  Just remember, AGGRO for Ajani.  CONTROL for Bolas.  Have small fast creatures in your opeing hand with Ajani.  Have fast removal and card draw in Bolas CONTROL deck.


Here is what some of my readers is asking.

The Duel Deck version of Ajani and of Bolas, in premium foil, are about a $6 value.

Wild Nacatl and Kird Ape get you about $4 (together).

So I’m at $16…

Lightning Helix will get you about $6.00.

So I’m at $21…

Changing tactics.  That was TCG player.  Lets look at

Basically, I got a $70 value for about about $45.  Not bad!

I rate this great product 5/5.  It has wonderful flavor, and I got a great deal.  I will happily add this to my Duel Decks collection!






SpartanNerd Vintage Toy Review…”Masters of the Universe Wolf Armor He-man and Snake Armor Skeletor”

This is one of the longest titles I’ve typed on this blog!

Today you get the final pictures taken with my iPhone 4s. ¬†Good riddance, after seeing how good the iPhone 6 camera is! ¬†(I can hear Skeletor from the MYP cartoon saying “Good Riddance!”


This item was originally meant to be a gift set.  You are getting two figures, both with an action accessory, and a VHS tape. (GASP)

The front of the box is a nice window where you can see the figures and the video inside.

I love the SpartanWife…If it weren’t for her, I probably never would have got these!

Here’s the back…


Everything all over this packaging is in three languages.  English, Spanish (or Italian?) and French.

Probably Spanish, aimed at the Mexican market.  Sorry Europeans.  (Seriously.  There are mega fans in Europe.  Especially Italy and Germany.)

The back of the package gives you instructions, and also shows off some other figures and vehicles from 200x.

I do miss the 200x show!

On with the review. ¬†This packaging is just landing in the trash. ¬†I’m not sure this could have counted as Mint On Card anyways. ¬†The box has had some abuse.


Here is everything assembled, for your photography pleasure. ¬†The video is going to stay in cellophane. ¬†I believe I will display it with my 1987 movie VHS tape. ¬†Because neither is EVER going back into a VCR to be eaten. ¬†That’s why. ¬†And besides, I have “The Courage of Adam” on DVD.


Here are the accessories. ¬†I activated the action feature of both shields this time. ¬†I prefer to display them like this. ¬†Skeletor’s activates by press of a button. ¬†You reset it by pushing that skull back up, and then the blades retract. ¬†He-Man’s works by turning that wolf head. ¬†His isn’t spring loaded, unfortunately. ¬†But it looks way cooler with the blades out.

This is the first He-Man I’ve ever owned¬†that didn’t come with a sword!

Also notable, He-Man’s helmet is removable…Skeletor’s is not.

He-Man has a wolf claw weapon. ¬†And I’m not sure WHAT Skeletor’s weapon is. ¬†A gun? ¬†A sword? ¬†I tend to think those silver pieces are meant to be long retractable tentacles. ¬†So more of a gun. ¬†But then again, it could be that the two silver pieces are meant to mirror Skeletor’s double sword. ¬†I just don’t know.

As far as I know, there is no extant fiction for either character…


Here’s Skeletor. ¬†His shield is really heavy. ¬†200x Skeletor tends to be sort of hunchbacked as it is. ¬†But in order to have him stand and hold the shield, you have to bend him backwards, pretty severely.

The figure has a snake head on top of his helmet. ¬†I thought this must be a button for an action feature. ¬†Nope. ¬†Maybe the Horsemen intended it to be so? ¬†The armor is removable, but it looks to be two pieces. ¬†I don’t feel the urge to take it off…you can’t remove his helmet, so you would have a shirtless Skeletor with a snake hat. ¬†And what if I have trouble getting that armor back on?

I have to add that the snake hat is glued to the hooded head that was on the original, non-variant version. ¬†Mattel really cut corners on this figure. ¬†And I don’t necessarily appreciate it. ¬†I do think these are cool designs. ¬†I might not understand them. ¬†But stuff like the mess that is on Skeletor’s head is pretty infuriating. ¬†Why isn’t that removable. ¬†Or at least, not GLUED TO HIS HOOD.

Skeletor is fine below the waist. ¬†His loin cloth is elaborate. ¬†His toes look ever creepy. ¬†To bad he didn’t have claws on his feet, as he had in the cartoon and the Vintage figure from the 1980s. ¬†I wish they at least painted the nails black as a compromise.

Skeletor also doesn’t have the torso punch. ¬†How did that get left out.

I can make a comparison this time. ¬†We have what I believe to be Battle Armor/sound Skeletor from the 200x line. ¬†He has a spring loaded waist twist. ¬†And you can remove his hood. ¬†I’m just saying.

Onto Wolf Armor He-Man.


He-man is superior to Skeletor in every way. ¬†He has the same problem as Skeletor in that his shield is too heavy for him to stand and hold it as usual. ¬†I am not necessarily a fan of the way the He-Man holds his shields in 200x. ¬†Shields should strap to the arm. ¬†Not be held in hand. ¬†But this is an overall style criticism. ¬†He-man’s waist twist works great. ¬†His armor is removable. ¬†I generally have a hard time standing 200x He-Man. ¬†His legs are sculpted in an odd way.

He-Man’s armor is a nice gold color. ¬†His furry shorts come complete with the little pouch that hangs from his belt.


I tried out the sword from the 200x Castle Grayskull playset.  This sword has good symmetry with the shield, matching the other shiny silver pieces.


Here’s Skeletor with the other 200x villains in my collection. ¬†Too bad we can’t see Two-Bad’s faces. ¬†(get it. ¬†“Two Bad.”

SpartanNerd’s Rating

Here goes. ¬†Whhhhhh…..(sigh)

What these figures ARE is kind of a mystery. ¬†Snake Armor Skeletor kind of makes sense. ¬†Skeletor is the enemy of the Snake Men. ¬†But we never saw him in the cartoon wearing this. ¬†On the other hand, He-Man was decked out especially for the Snake Men. ¬†But what was Wolf Armor He-Man? ¬†There were no wolf enemies. ¬†I guess this was just a variant like the “Jungle Attack He-Man” or “Smash Blade He-Man.”

Skeletor’s figure has a very compromised feel to it. ¬†Like they intended for it to be more than it is. ¬†But had to cut corners. ¬†So there is no action feature. ¬†And the helmet is not removable. ¬†And they didn’t bother with a new head sculpt…hence the hood is still there under the helmet.

Add to these problems the fact that the figures can’t stand properly because of the weight of the shields, and the fact that He-Man doesn’t come with a sword. ¬†And the score is pretty low.

But I don’t dislike these figures. ¬†They are fun! ¬†I think the shields’ action features are cool. ¬†Especially Skeletor’s with the spring loaded blades. ¬†He-Man’s shield, with the blades sticking out around it is especially cool looking.

I rate 200x Wolf Armor He-Man at 3/5.  His sculpt is great.  He has a cool shield.  It is a nice variant.  He looks cool on the shelf.  With the downside of not coming with a sword, or being able to stand holding the shield without being contorted.

I rate 200x Snake Armor Skeletor as 2/5. ¬†He has a compromised feel. ¬†Unremovable Helmet. ¬†Dubious removable armor. ¬†A strange weapon. ¬†And can’t stand naturally holding the shield. ¬†On the other hand, the action feature on the shield is fun, and the overall look of the figure is nice.

I’m not even going to bother rating the tape.

Because these figures look so cool on the shelf, and that is their main function, I am going to rate them probationally 3/5 as a set.

That’s right. ¬†The SpartanNerd rates the dubiously named:

200x Masters of the Universe Wolf Armor He-Man and Snake Armor Skeletor Gift Set *


Do you agree?  Let me know in the comments!

*I added the colon because it is supposed to be funny.

SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review…VINTAGE ALERT! 200x Two Bad

SpartanNerd, you wanted a MOTUC Two-Bad.   Well.  Too bad!
So I will settle for the next best thing.  200x Two-Bad.
IMHO, the vintage 1980’s Two-Bad was not very good. ¬†I remember making him punch the opposite face all the time. ¬†And that’s about it. ¬†He couldn’t stand very well, because he was top heavy. ¬†He couldn’t hold weapons because his hands were permanent fists. ¬†And his shield didn’t fit on his arms correctly. ¬†I did enjoy the power of punching with the spiny loaded arms and waist feature combined, however. ¬†This was the strongest action feature in the original figures.
200x Two-Bad doesn’t have any of those problems, and the action feature is also pretty cool. ¬†So he is an advance in every way!
Here is Two-Bad in his original packaging.  Notice the price tag.
The dude at the Barnyard Fleamarket shaved a little off.

This back is different from Beast Man and He-Man.  We get a nice large pic of the figure.  It still has the annoying foreign languages all over the package.  They should have made a different card for the foreign languages, and gave people something else to collect, rather than this all-inclusive strategy.  I like the white outline around the figure.
I took this pic when I removed him from the packaging.  Impressive!
Two Bad has no problem standing.  The weapon is cool,
sporting a hinge between the two pieces.

No big button behind this figure.  His arms are spring loaded themselves.
Notice that the Baddra side of Two-Bad is the exact same color as Spikor! ¬†In this pic you can see that Two-Bad is noticeably shorter than the MOTUC figures. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†Also, both heads seem a tad smaller than He-Man and Beast Man’s heads.

Here is a shot of all of my baddies together.  The best thing about Two Bad is he helps fill my ranks a bit!

So, what is my rating of Two-Bad? ¬†I like that he is an improvement on the 1980’s figure in every way. ¬†His arms are way better. ¬†The Horsemen sculpted him, and he is very detailed. ¬†He has excellent weapons. ¬†He stands nicely. ¬†The only point was taken off because of his slightly off scale build, which was probably done to save money on a fig that was fully tooled.

I rate 200x Two-Bad 4/5.  Do you agree?  Let me know!

Spider-Man #6 Vintage Comic Review!

Spider-Man #6 and #7, by Todd McFarlane

So this is going to be a two parter, oh faithful Hub CIty Geeks!  Feel free to comment on what I say about these two in the next couple of days!  I apparently have some readers, but no one has left any comments.  You can be among the first!

I fell in love with these two.  I read them over and over.  They are a part of my soul like the Bible is.  They are what I measure comics by.  They are the greatest comics ever published in my opinion.

I am going to go a little at a time through each one.  So here we go!

The cover of #6 features four CBG Fan Awards stamped across the top. ¬†“Favorite Character, Favorite Penciler, Favorite Cover Artist, and Favorite Letterer. ¬†Then the haunting dialogue box “Face it Spidey–Awards don’t mean #@*!! against the Hobgoblin!” ¬†and a small bubble “…and wait till you see our surprise guest-star! ¬†You also get the left hand box featuring Spider-Man under the Marvel Comics logo, and the issue number and “The Comics Code Authority” logo. ¬†That probably shouldn’t have been there!

The cover itself features what I now know to be Todd McFarlane’s own style of posing Spidey, and this has been emulated by basically every other artist who draws him. ¬†(I know now that Spidey was depicted as much less like a spider in the pre-McFarlane days.) ¬†The Hobgoblin is throwing pumpkins headless horsemen style. ¬†The pumpkins have what for a mouth? ¬†Batman’s symbol! ¬†What gives! ¬†Well, Batman was super popular at this time because of his Summer blockbuster movie. ¬†And Todd McFarlane was always sliding in humorous bits like this, (Batman being a DC character and all.)

Page 1 of this book got my attention right away…Hobgoblin removes his own face! ¬†And all of these little purple word bubbles are hurling insults at him. ¬†I don’t know if this is only in his mind, or if the people really are saying this stuff. ¬†But he doesn’t like it one bit!

Pages 2 and 3 are a splash page, showing off the Hobgoblin to the reader for the first time.  On the cover, his face was blacked out.  Now you can see that this is someone demonic.

The Hobgoblin, a truly evil and powerful villain in 1990

Of note, my copy is really old!  When I was a kid, the blacks were deep dark.  These have faded.  I e-mailed Val Staples about this because he is a colorist and I heard him discussing it with Earl Norem on the Roast Gooble Dinner podcast.  Val says that the way they used to color comics was by using film, and that nowadays they are printed digitally.  So if different intensities of black show up, it is an artifact of the aging books plus the way that they were printed.

Page 4 we see the villain torturing a boy and his mother. ¬†The woman stands out because she is so pretty. ¬†The other women in the picture are fat, etc. ¬†These people are “webbed” to the place by Hobgoblin’s powers. ¬†It looks like brown goop that resembles his cape. ¬†The scene is akin to something from “Aliens,” where people are cocooned to a wall awaiting the hatching of an alien baby!

Page 5 and 6, of course the Goblin kills this woman. ¬†On page 5, she resembles Sigourney Weaver! ¬†He shoves her into the goop. ¬†He doesn’t kill her kid though…. ¬†He takes him and treats him as a favorite….He is going to make him into a disciple.

Page 7, we see a different setting. ¬†McFarlane makes the Hobgoblin hugging the kid fade into a husband and wife…then you realize, OH! ¬†This is Peter Parker!!! ¬†And you see his costume thrown around the room.

Page 8 and 9….A different setting yet. ¬†Spidey’s costume gives way to a real spider in a web with some fire around it and creepy speech bubbles…..We see the Ghost Rider hanging a criminal upside down from the top of a skyscraper. ¬†I don’t think McFarlane had it a coincidence that this guy resembles Hobgoblin’s severed face. ¬†He is also wearing a crucifix. ¬†A lot could be said about this, and will be said on some other day by the old SpartanNerd. ¬†Anyway, this criminal has been making child pornography apparently.

Now let’s stop a second…..I was 12 years old when I was reading this. ¬†Besides my unfortunate incidence with the “WWIII” comics, I thought comics were all fluff stories. ¬†But here, this is serious. ¬†I am not reading a kids book at this point. ¬†I felt I was reading an adult book, I was allowed to read it, and I was enjoying it. ¬†This was one of the first times! ¬†Now my family didn’t understand this still. ¬†When my mom read this story, she just scratched her head. ¬†Why was it such a serious subject matter? ¬†This wasn’t “The Electric Company” Spider-Man, or the old cartoon version. ¬†This was something entirely different. ¬†I loved it.

Back to page 9… So Ghost rider drops this criminal! ¬†and … on Page 10 he catches him. ¬†Then I learned about The Penance Stare. ¬†Ghost Rider has the power to make criminals experience the pain of their victims, by staring into their soul! ¬†Then he rides away on that nifty motorcycle.

On Page 10 and 11, we see Peter Parker trying to sneak out the window without waking Mary Jane.  He is unsuccessful, however.  She awakes, wearing a neglige, and fussing at Peter for sneaking out on her.  Then we see a full page on Page 11 of Spidey shooting too much webbing!  (This was a joke reference to some of the criticism McFarlane received about his style.)

Peter and Mary Jane are presented as such an inseparable item, in the two pages that we have seen of them together. ¬†Their banter, body language etc. ¬†is so good, this aspect of Spider-Man became part of what makes him who he is, in my mind. ¬†This is why “A Brand New Day” sucks. ¬†“A Moment in Time” is a failure. ¬†And this is why the “Dock Ock/Spidey” doesn’t live in my comics shelf. ¬†At least during the clone saga, MJ still loved Peter. ¬†In 1990, they would have been recently married. ¬†I’ve heard the arguments for a single Spidey, and I say that Spidey should be single, for the movies and cartoons. ¬†But he should have stayed married for the comics…..

Oh, but I was having a nerd tantrum again, wasn’t I! ¬†So back to the story.

Page 12.  We nearly forgot about the Hobgoblin.  But here he is.  He decides that finding the kid was the purpose of his kidnapping all of those victims.  So he leaves them, takes the kid, and blows the place up!

Page 13 we hear the cops talking.  They are sort of blaming the heroes for whack job super villains.  Ghost rider is looking on the wreckage.

Page 14 features some art that McFarlane would imitate again later in Spawn….

Here we see Spidey on an antenna. ¬†He is listening to different cable news anchors talk. ¬†We actually see four little TV screens with talking heads and a speech bubble, each with a different “voice.” ¬†All of them are discussing the tragedy that the Hobgoblin has caused. ¬†It is striking that The Fantastic Four have said that Spider-Man would take care of it. ¬†Why not them? ¬†This was the first time I ever gave a thought to the fantastic four as well! ¬†And they always seemed to be off the mark because of this page, in my mind. ¬†(I like Ben Grimm. ¬†The Human Torch is OK. ¬†But I have never really liked Sue Storm or Mr. Fantastic.)

Page 15 and 16, a different setting. ¬†An alleyway, where a drug user is about to snort some cocaine. ¬†He has it in a little tube, and calls it his “angel,” in case anyone wonders if I know what I am talking about. ¬†Spidey uses the criminal’s habit as a means of getting information about the Hobgoblin’s whereabouts. ¬†I like what Spidey does here. ¬†He leaves the drugs out of the criminal’s reach. ¬†The webbed up drug-head screams at Spidey “What kind of Monster are you!!?”

Page 17 gives us a shot of how Ghost Rider gets his info. ¬†He kicks the crap out of his information source! ¬†His man is a gun runner. ¬†Ghost Rider says he’ll come back some other time to deal with the guns. ¬†This is the one page of the book I have not ever been fond of. ¬†Ghost Rider is in the shadows. ¬†But how can a guy with a flaming head have a shadow cover half of his face? DOH!

On page 18, we see more of the Goblin. ¬†He’s talking more nonsense to his new kid “disciple.” ¬†Page 19 is where Spider-Man shows up and gets called “The Devil.” ¬†You see, Hobgoblin seems to believe he is Jesus….So of course Spider-Man is the devil. ¬†Strategically, we don’t see part of the kid’s face. ¬†Spider-Man doesn’t pay much mind to him either, focusing on Hobgoblin instead. ¬†Of course, the Goblin throws some pumpkin bat symbol bombs at Spidey!

On page 20, we see how powerful Hobgoblin really is. ¬†Rays of energy are zapping off of him everywhere. ¬†Spider-Man says “What am I dealing with?”

Spider-Man says “What am I dealing with?”

The kid is screaming, “Stop! ¬†Please Stop!” In my copy the Bullpen Bulletins cover the back of page 21………so when you flip the page you get a surprise! ¬†The kid’s face is deformed, and is transforming so that half of it looks like the Hobgoblin’s faceless visage! ¬†(Two-Face style, another Batman reference.)

This issue did not feature a letters column, so I won’t address what was said! ¬†But Issue #7 does, if I am not mistaken.

This book captivated me so much! ¬†I fell in love with the characters right away! ¬†Back in 1990, the colors were very vibrant, and the art was unlike any comic art I had ever seen. ¬†McFarlane’s take on Spider-Man was a revelation to me….I was largely unaware of the Spider-universe before this book. ¬†The Hobgoblin was new to me. ¬†I did not know about the Green Goblin. ¬†I did not know about Philip Macendale. ¬†I did not know about his dealings with the devil. ¬†I only new that here was a villain. ¬†A real bad guy that deserved getting his butt kicked. ¬†And so far it seemed that the nut-job was winning! ¬†I was inspired to find out as much about this universe as possible, which was why I began buying up Marvel comics by the dozen!

About the Comics Code…..I guess this book didn’t feature zombies…..I guess there were also no curse words…..but other than that there was 1) Violence, 2) Sex, 3) Religious elements, 4) Drug Use. ¬†Todd McFarlane was pushing the envelope of what could be allowed under the rules of the Comics Code. ¬†I got hooked on comics right at the end of an era, so it seems. ¬†Nowadays, the only comics featuring that arcane logo are books like “The Adventures of the Super-Family,” “Spider-Ham,” and other similar “kiddie” titles. ¬†Thank You Todd, for freeing the medium!

Next blog entry will feature my Vintage Comic Review of Spiderman #7, the “conclusion” of this story!

“Oh No! ¬†I spilled Peanut Butter in my Chocolate!”