SpartanNerd Movie Review…Suicide Squad

I finally saw Suicide Squad for the second time, and am ready to drop a big analysis and review!  SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Where does the SpartanNerd see movies?  Usually either at NCG in Spartanburg on the east side, or at Spartan 16 on the west side.  This time I saw Suicide Squad at NCG, and sat in a comfortable reclining seat!

First, the previews….

The previews for Dr. Strange look better and better.  That is a character that I encountered a few times in Marvel comics over the years, but I know very little about actually.  I like what I see, though.

The first time I saw Suicide Squad, I didn’t see the preview for Wonder Woman.  That looks INCREDIBLE.  It appears she might get the Captain America treatment, as the previews show her fighting in three different eras…the fantasy past, WWII (or WWI?), and modern times.  We got to see her use the lasso of truth and swing the sword and bash the shield.  Also, they are using the “Steve” story, where she is in love with the first man she ever met.  She also tells him that Zeuss created her.  So we get quite alot!

The preview for Arthur looks great.  Dark, though.

Dunkirk…I don’t know much about this historical event?

Enough of making you wait, the same way I did!  On with the review!

The movie opens with Deadshot and Harley Quinn…both prisoners in Belle Reve.  For those of you who don’t know, Belle Reve is an actual prison in the DC universe, as opposed to Arkham Asylum, which is a mental treatment facility.  Belle Reve has the distinction of being designed to handle “metahuman” prisoners.

The guards rough house Deadshot for awhile, and then we see Harley trying to seduce the lead guard, which is apparently her tried and true tactic for escape.  But she gets shocked, and we see flashback memories of her being force-fed and tortured at Belle Reve.  That is puzzling…why?

Amanda Waller…This actress was perfect.  In fact, they all were, from Will Smith’s Deadshot to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.  Really, every character was nailed in character and casting!  Amanda Waller is talking at the Pentagon about a metahuman response to Superman.  She notes that Superman was on “our side.”  But the next Superman might not be.  (This movie is in continuity…meaning Superman’s death by Doomsday at the end of Dawn of Justice is quite relevant.)

As Waller explains each person in “Task Force X” to the Pentagon, Graphics on screen give the viewers some stats, as how the villain was captured is explained.  Batman (Aflec) picked off Deadshot.


Graphics on the screen indicate that Harley Quinn was involved with the death of Robin…a twist!  We get a perfect Harley Quinn origin, that she was the Joker’s psychiatrist and fell in love with him.  The Joker in this continuity is more of a gangster Joker that we haven’t seen so much of in film.  And he’s nuts.  I thought Lex Luthor was crazy…this Joker is almost Satan, the way he tempts people, and growls.  There is really no way to be on his good side, as the ganster boss found out right before we got the story about how Batman rescued Harley from the Joker’s car.  The first time I saw this, I wondered why Batman kissed her before bringing her in…but the second time I realized he was doing mouth to mouth resuscitation, and she pulled a “Sandlot” style french kiss on him.

Captain Boomerang was brought in by the Flash.  It was good to see a clear picture of him in a movie.  He looks cool, and isn’t the same guy from TV.

We don’t know how El Diablo got brought into prison, but we know he torched the prison yard during a riot.  The guy is perfect…Like I said, every character was nailed dead on.  My only knowledge of this character comes from the few Suocide Squad comics I read from The New 52, but in those books he seems scared of his powers, and very hesitant.  Exactly what we see in this movie.

Killer Croc is also perfect.  He is standing in for King Shark…but they got the details of his skin condition being a problem and being a cannibal as well.

The enchantress…this is the character I knew the least about.  Are there two actresses?  One for June Moon and the other for The Witch?  (No.  It’s just makeup and CGI)

The Suicide Squad will be led by Colonel Flagg…a hard nosed special ops guy who is in love with June Moon, and this is how Amanda Waller has him under her control.

Basically, Amanda Waller sends The Witch to some foreign country, and she brings back secret weapon plans…it takes less than ten seconds.  And this is how she convinced the government to authorize this black ops group.


Next we get a few shots of the criminals being spoken to.  Deadshotgets to demonstrate his power…the ability to never miss.  He hits the target silhouettes right in the middle of the head.  There is no grouping…each bullet hit the same spot over and over.

What happens is June becomes the Witch while she is sleeping, and teleports to where her “brother” is kept.  She releases him, and he possesses a guy who goes to the bathroom.  It becomes apparent that the more people he kills, the more power he will collect.  When they try stabbing the Witch’s heart, (which is in a briefcase…their tactic to control the spirit,) her Brother lends some of his essence and traps the Witch in a body that more resembles June’s.

All of the killing going on gets  Task Force X their first mission.

Each person Amanda Waller introduced to the government was there, plus one extra guy…Slipknit (a guy who can scale any surface).   An obvious redshirt.  Whoever heard of Slipknot?  And yes, he tries to escape and gets his head blown off.  (The prisoners have an explosive in their necks as an “insurance policy,” just like in the comics.)


And I think I found a hole in the plot.  After they get dressed and load the chopper to go fight Brother and Sister, someone shoots them down…Was it the Joker?  Why would he shoot down a chopper that he knows has Harley Quinn in it.  (Harley has a contraband cell phone.)

When they get out, they encounter a bunch of zombified people.  I didn’t expect this…Suicide Squad…a Zombie Movie.  Nope.  These zombies are far flimsier than what you see on The Walking Dead.  They are covered in eyes, and seem to breathe by contracting their whole body.

The Suicide Squad makes quick work of them.  Captain Boomerang throws his boomerangs, Harley uses a baseball bat, Killer Crock tears into them, Deadshot uses his incredible aim, and El Diablo does nothing!

A couple of humorous things.  Harley steals a purse.  And takes the elevator in front of everyone.  Captain Boomerang is enamored with his stuffed pink unicorn.  He gets attacked and stabbed by a zombie, but has a stack of hundred dollar bills padding his chest, which take the blade!  El Diablo gets goaded into using his powers, and torches like one hundred zombies!

After the fight, Harley tries to escape.  She is briefly united with the Joker, but then his chopper is shot down, and he appears to be dead.  Also, Waller had Deadshot attempt to assassinate her.  He clearly didn’t miss.  But she seemed to be un injured.  How?

We get more of Harley’s origin.  Apparently she took a dive into the acid pool, just like in the comics.  When she nearly drowned, Joker jumped in and saved her.  More of DC and the movie writers really nailing this story as far as the characters are concerned.

Harley apparently lives, but is broken since her boyfriend is gone.

Everyone is supposed to be rescuing someone from all of this.  It turns out to be…Amanda Waller!  Waller kills all of the computer techs in the tower room with her, as her task force is supposed to extract her.  But her chopper goes down, and she gets captured by the zombies.

So the Suicide Squad feels sorry for themselves, and they all decide to go to a nearby bar and have some drinks.  Deadshot points out that all of the damage, disaster, etc. is going to be blamed on them.  When they were actually sent to stop it all.  Flagg comes in and joins them.  Apparently the rules are going to relax on the Suicide Squad.  They all decide to take out the Witch, because they “have nothing better to do.”  We get El Diablo’s origin…he basically lost his temper and burned down his own house with his wife and kids inside.

It all goes down to Killer Croc taking an explosive under “Brother.”  Diablo transforms into his demon self to take on the brother and be sure he is in the right place.  With him out of the way, June/The Witch begins to take on each member of the team.  Only when they decided to work together can they take her out.

It all ends happy.  The Witch is killed, but June survives.  Harley gets an espresso machine.  Croc gets BET.  And then of course the Joker busts in and rescues Harley.  We all knew he wasn’t dead!

I’m not one to hate on Dawn of Justice.  It has its problems.  It’s dark.  Batman is a little bit too eager with guns.  Suicide Squad is a completely different experience.  I have said I enjoyed it more than X-Men…it is similar, but with all anti-heros.  The soundtrack is terrific, and I might just buy it!

I am going to give this movie a 4/5.  It lost a point because there ARE a few plotholes.  (Why did seemingly allied chopper shoot them down?)  But the characters and costumes were perfect.  The mood of the movie wasn’t really irreverent, but it was pretty humorous.  There was lots of action.  And characters I came to care about, even if I didn’t know them.

Do you agree or disagree, Hub City Geeks?  Let me know in the comments!


SpartanNerd…Micro Reviews 1

New thing.  MICRO REVIEWS!

These posts will be brief summary thoughts concerning my feelings about various “nerdtainment” items.  This is becoming a necessity, as I am getting more content than I have time for a formal review.


SUICIDE SQUAD.  I promise, I will bring a full review after I see it a second time.  I saw this on opening weekend, and was impressed.  Very nice movie, that remained faithful to the comic book characters.  Harley Quinn stole the show…


HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: “THE THREE TERRORS” (Short Animation)…This is now available on iTunes, and I watched it today.  It is ten minutes of an attempt by Super7 to revive the Filmation style of animation.  This little cartoon hit it at about 80%.  Alan Oppenheimer still voices Skeletor, but he just doesn’t have the high pitches that he carried in his younger days.


SPEAKING OF SUPER7…I was shocked to hear of their takeover of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS.  I think their small figure line is cute and interesting, maybe even worth the $5 a figure.  But I don’t own any…I am in the camp with many other fans that jittery times are ahead.  Why would Mattel pass that property?  I am glad Digital River is done.  Maybe shipping will be cheaper.


METALLICA: “HARDWIRED FOR DESTRUCTION”…This is the only track and also is the title track) released so far, for an album slated to release on November 18.  It’s about time!  The few reviews on iTunes so far compare the song to stuff on “Justice for All.”  I think the singing might be a little smoother than what was on “Death Magnetic,” but the band’s all around sound is about the same.  Robert Trujillo is KILLING that bass!


YOUNG JUSTICE…I began watching this again…I watched it last year.  What a great cartoon!  I wish more would happen.


DC COMICS: REBIRTH..I have been reading Batman as well as Robin, Son of Batman, and also I picked up All Star Batman.  So far, the most powerful story is the Batman book that came out this week.  Batman #5 dropped a couple of bombs, that they are going to kill Batman ONCE AGAIN.  And that Duke Thomas is going to marry Gotham Girl.


MAGIC THE GATHERING: CONSPIRACY-TAKE THE CROWN…The spoilers released so far have fans scratching their heads.  This set looks to bring more power and almost better reprints than Eternal Masters and Modern Masters 2015.  Very odd!


First Ever Micro-Reviews!  Let me know what you think in the comments!