SpartanNerd… Thoughts on Toyfair Reveals

Toyfair usually has a few things that catch my eye.  This year though, I think is going to get me to purchasing.

To start with, there is a new MattyCollector Subscription being offered…a “200x Masters of the Universe Classics” line.  (Not sure the official name.Oh yeah.  Club 200x.)  I think I am going to subscribe.  I skipped on the Anniversary Line, and the Filiation line, AND the minis line.  But considering the figures planned, I am game.  Revealed so far is Calix (he needs a red shirt), Ceratus, and EvilSeed.  I speculate that we will get Old Man Marzo, a Skeleton Warrior, and Stratos’ sister or similar.  There is also a head pack coming, with the 200x head for Snout Spout (AWESOME!), Buzz Off’s 200x head (ALSO AWESOME!)  I figure we might get 200x Prince Adam in the main Classics line, as this subscription specifically says that the characters will be never-before-released.

I’m so excited I went ahead and purchased the Snake Armor He-Man and 200x King Hsss two pack today…(review coming as soon as it arrives!)

(I could care less about Peek-a-Blue and Angela.  Angela could be much more awesome.  Mara is cool though, maybe the best New Adventures side character so far.)

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