Mega Construx MOTU Custom War Sled

What got me started on this was this image that I took when I picked up the McFarlane toys Cy-Gor and wanted some pics. I got this one with MOTUC Man-At-Arms on the MOTUC Battle-Ram. And so I was messing with the filters in Apple Photos, and this color scheme came up. And instantly, I … Continue reading

SpartanNerd Review…MOTU Little People

The SpartanWife said…”I ordered something for you!” I wondered what it was? This was about…the beginning of May maybe. Then it arrived. So I opened it up and was surprised to see these cuties! I suppose as a child I had some of these. I’m pretty sure my own children did too. AND…I think we … Continue reading

TMNT Metalhead Ultimate by Super7- SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review (plus my first REACTION figures.)

So I had these “Mummy Bucks” burning a hole in my pocket. And then on Valentines Day, they said, “Order any two items and get 15% off!” And so I positively was ready to double up on the savings. $15 of Mummy bucks from purchasing the Ultimate Cobra BAT and Pre-Ordering Conan the Barbarian, plus … Continue reading

World’s Smallest Micro Figures Masters of the Universe 4 Pack- SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review

That is the longest title I have ever typed! Here is a product I didn’t even know existed! And the SpartanWife gave it to me for Christmas! I knew about “The World’s Smallest Figures” but haven’t been collecting them. Last year someone put World’s Smallest Battle Cat in my stocking. But this year, I got … Continue reading

Super7 Ultimates B.A.T. SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review

Deck the Halls will Boughs of Cobra. Cobra La la laa, la lah la laaa. Beautifully done, chorus teacher SpartanNerd. I ordered this as a part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on It had been a long time since I ordered one of the Ultimates. Back when they did the Masters of the … Continue reading

GI Joe Classified Sgt. Slaughter…SpartanNerd unboxing and review

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! The SpartanNerd got some new goodies! First up is a “second”…that is, a second GI Joe Classified figure. (I already had Cobra Commander.). And now, I have Sgt. Slaughter, a figure of a person I actually met in person at the Retro Toy Con in Greenville last year. (Sgt. Slaughter is … Continue reading