TMNT Metalhead Ultimate by Super7- SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review (plus my first REACTION figures.)

So I had these “Mummy Bucks” burning a hole in my pocket. And then on Valentines Day, they said, “Order any two items and get 15% off!” And so I positively was ready to double up on the savings. $15 of Mummy bucks from purchasing the Ultimate Cobra BAT and Pre-Ordering Conan the Barbarian, plus 15% off…

I began looking at either Bebop and Rocksteady ultimate figures, or Donatello and Metalhead.

I decided on the evil duo…only to be told basically that the mummy bucks are not actually a gift certificate. BOOOOO!!! I couldn’t stack the offers. BOOO!! BOOOO!!!

I wound up ordering April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer Reaction figures from Parks and Recreation instead and receiving that discount on my first Super7 Reaction figures.

(I am keeping these in the package. Andy Dwyer looks pretty close to Chris Pratt, but April Ludgate looks way too frumpy to pass as Aubrey Plaza. It is cool that Andy gets his guitar and his Mouse Rat shirt, And it is also cool that April comes with Champion, a three-legged dog. I appreciate the flavor on the backs of the packages. The only thing I wish is that the photos matched the figures clothes. And maybe if they had Star Lord holding the guitar inside the blister. Eh….I give them 4/5 for what they are, something to keep in package and hang on a wall somewhere.)

So I still had to use my mummy bucks by February 28, and decided on just getting Metalhead. I was waiting to see if something else awesome dropped, but I didn’t really want anything they offered. I will say the Cliff Burton Ultimate figure is pretty cool, but I didn’t want to do a pre-order on something like that. Some of my dilemma…If I get one ninja turtle, then I will begin a rabbit hole of wanting them all. I am clearly a Rocksteady fan, but he needs to be with Bebop. You need Splinter and Shredder. You see where I am going here? Likewise they don’t have a full license for Metallica apparently, and so I had to pass on Cliff.

But at least Metalhead reflects a couple of things about myself. I listen to lots of Heavy Metal music and also spend my summer shredding this kind of music up on my guitars. I like robots a lot, and he should go nicely with that Cobra BAT. And I had Metalhead when I was a kid, though I called him “Mecha-Turtle” from the original TMNT NES game. To me, “Metalhead” was the baby name they gave him for the cartoon in order to have more appeal to kids. Does anyone else out there think this?

Metalhead came in similar packaging to the Cobra BAT. There is a nice sleeve over the top. You know you are getting a premium product! This sleeve has a nice manhole cover on the front of it featuring Metalhead’s … head. And on the back the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo.

When you remove the sleeve…WOW. This package is great! You can clearly see what you are getting. I am going to spoil ahead because apparently I lost the picture of all of the accessories. However, you can see everything here! At the top left (and going around counterclockwise…An alternate head, a hand with a finger-whip, two grenades, a backpack, a radar dish, and robochucks, and as you keep going you cas see an inner blister with more robochucks, a weapon rack, and alternate hands. And Metalhead is prominent in the center. The background is a graded orange and yellow. Saying all of this, it still isn’t quite as awesome as the Cobra BAT package. You get a bio card on the back, and this looks like a retro-1990’s graffiti wall.

Now for the bad news. This package arrived mutilated.

And so I won’t be keeping it. See the bricks folded over, and then across the top is a seam from what might have been a box cutter going too deep. I also found it to be ripped as I opened the top. So I cut off the cool back and out the sewer cover sleeve, and tossed the rest. I don’t have that much room in my closet anymore. (The reason why I got rid of my terrific MOTUC collection.)

This was the pic that was supposed to show off the accessories. But at least you can get a good look at the weapon rack. It stands up pretty well on its own. And also Metalhead does as well. I spent a couple of hours playing with him and getting different poses. The joints aren’t quite as tight as you might like. But he really doesn’ have much trouble standing.

Because this is the first TMNT ultimate figure, or indeed seven-inch TMNT figure I have ever owned, I thought it extra interesting how they handled the shell and the plastrom (that is, the underside of the shell.). Basically you have another buck underneath which seems to have an ab-crunch and everything, but they have made this shell into permanent armor that fits over that. It looks great. I have no desire to try and remove the belt. The backback fits nicely on his back in the same way the original did, with little holes in the check that are for pegs. (Am I remembering this correctly, Hub City geeks?)

The weapon rack is unpainted, and the only reason I figure they include it is for nostalgia, as the original figures came with a sprue of ninja weapons that you had to tear out. Somebody out there has disassembled one of these that came with their Metalhead, and I say to you, you are a sad person.

I mentioned above that there are two sets of robochucks. One is to attach to the backback, and the other goes on his hand. These hands are removable and swappable, but I was extra careful, not wanting a repeat of what happened with the Cobra BAT. You can see in the pic that he holds the grenade just fine.

And here we are with the whip. When I saw the pictures on the internet, I couldn’t tell what this was supposed to be. Upon getting it, I realize it is an alternate hand with the finger opened up like a door so that this snakey cable can come out and…shock people?…whip people?….grab stuff?…It must be a relic from the cartoon. Someone out there should inform me in the comments. Notice (you probably can’t) that this is the other head. You see, the proper head for this figure has a translucent red “brain” exposed, and light can come in and make his eyes glow. The alternate head is fully painted. Seems like a waste. They should have given us a different expression or something.

Comparison time…

When I got Metalhead, I was thinking of what things would go nice together. And why not a robot ninja turtle to go with my robot Cobra soldier? You can see here that the Cobra BAT towers over Metalhead. Both are seven-inch scale, but I suppose the TMNT guys are supposed to be diminuative. And maybe the BAT is a tall boy.

One other suprise. I thought we probably could swap parts. NONE OF THE PARTS ARE COMPATABLE. You can’t attach the robochucks to the Cobra BAT, or Cobra BAT’s drill arm to Metalhead. The heads are also not compatable, (But why would you do that?). At least the colors are complimentary, as both are based on a cartoon appearance.

But it doesn’t matter. Good triumphs over evil! (Technically, I guess Metalhead is more of a good guy. Mecha-Turtle, from the NES game…that guy was all bad.)

How do I rate Metalhead?

The package was cool…too bad mine was messed up. But I cut out the nicest looking pieces to keep. The graded orange-yellow cardboard behind the figure leaves a little to be desired. (Cobra BAT had a terrific explosion, reminiscent of the vintage GI Joe packaging.)

His joints are kind of loose, and I worry about breaking the pegs. I have to admit, the alternate head hasn’t snapped on tightly and I am afraid to force it. I don’t even like it, so why risk breaking the ball and socket peg?

Metalhead came with plenty of accessories including alternate hands and a weapons rack.

I think I have to give this one a 3/5. It hits all of the average marks. And I kind of “settled” on getting it.

What do you think, Hub City Geeks? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments!

(Sorry about the red background cloth being wrinkled. I need to upgrade my gear, I think.)