Who is the SpartanNerd?

I call my followers and commenters “Hub City Geeks.”  Because I am from Spartanburg.  “The Hub City.”

I hope to show my love for Nerdtainment by reviewing it here.  Please comment and get involved!  From time to time I will offer a freebie….

So I live at the edge of the world, on a street named after the zombies in “The Walking Dead,” and have a dead zone for cell reception around most places I visit.  I ought to have something to say!  Hope you’ll listen!  This blog will cover comics (vintage and current), Magic the Gathering and similar stuff, video games (vintage and current), movies (old and new), music, and other “Nerdtainment.”

Nerdtainment.  I invented the word, folks.  Card games.  Action figures.  Movies.  Indie music.  (real indie music, you know.  Gutter punk, blues, folky guitar hard rock mixed with metal and rap, nothing normal people like)  Animation.  Comics. 

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