“Breed Lethality” Commander 2016…SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review

FOUR COLORS. Wow.  This was the selling point of Commander 2016.  The Wizards of the Coast put out five brand new decks, each with a four color general  And because designing four-color cards is such a difficult task, they created a new “partner” mechanic, that lets you mix and match a pair of two-color commanders, … Continue reading

SpartanNerd Photos

SpartanNerd Photos

Here are some recent photos.  I have recently purchased some “Vykron” barbarian armor.  But I have a few other pics to share as well.  And a little commentary. When I first got Battleground Teela, I thought right away that she fit in with Vikor.  I like putting Vikor’s cape on her.  Now that Vikor is … Continue reading

SC ComicCon…SpartanNerd Thoughts

I had never heard of the SC Comic Con.  But when I learned about it, I knew my weekend destination! The SC Comic Convention took place at the TD Convention Center on the weekend of March 25 and 26.  I arrived at about 2:00, and was greeted with a LOOOOONNNNGGGG line for admission.  Luckily, the … Continue reading

Modern Masters 2017…SpartanNerd Experience

I pre-ordered my box of Modern Masters 2017 for a steep discount…(information respectfully withheld.  Thanks!  You know who you are!)  Put it this way, I got a serious good deal. Like the other “Masters” sets, this box only came with 24 packs.  But every pack contains a foil.  AND this time the set was loaded … Continue reading

Legion of Collectors Box (March 2017)…SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review

The SpartanWife got me the subscription to the Legion of Collectors box, and I opened the January one without blogging about it.  It was terrific, featuring Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, and Ace the Bathound. Just so you know… Green Arrow- A Pin and an iron-on embroidered Patch Aquaman- A vintage comic … Continue reading

SpartanNerd Thoughts…Modern Masters 2017

OK.  WOW! What has me so enamored? Liliana of the Veil Snapcaster Mage Damnation Enemy Fetch Lands Cavern of Souls Gifts Ungiven (Can you imagine drafting this card?) Double D (Desecration Demon…again, an amazing card to draft.) Blood Moon Tarmogoyf Abrupt Decay Domri Rade Harmonize  (Green card draw…draft this!) Path to exile I mean…these are … Continue reading