TMNT Metalhead Ultimate by Super7- SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review (plus my first REACTION figures.)

So I had these “Mummy Bucks” burning a hole in my pocket. And then on Valentines Day, they said, “Order any two items and get 15% off!” And so I positively was ready to double up on the savings. $15 of Mummy bucks from purchasing the Ultimate Cobra BAT and Pre-Ordering Conan the Barbarian, plus 15% off…

I began looking at either Bebop and Rocksteady ultimate figures, or Donatello and Metalhead.

I decided on the evil duo…only to be told basically that the mummy bucks are not actually a gift certificate. BOOOOO!!! I couldn’t stack the offers. BOOO!! BOOOO!!!

I wound up ordering April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer Reaction figures from Parks and Recreation instead and receiving that discount on my first Super7 Reaction figures.

(I am keeping these in the package. Andy Dwyer looks pretty close to Chris Pratt, but April Ludgate looks way too frumpy to pass as Aubrey Plaza. It is cool that Andy gets his guitar and his Mouse Rat shirt, And it is also cool that April comes with Champion, a three-legged dog. I appreciate the flavor on the backs of the packages. The only thing I wish is that the photos matched the figures clothes. And maybe if they had Star Lord holding the guitar inside the blister. Eh….I give them 4/5 for what they are, something to keep in package and hang on a wall somewhere.)

So I still had to use my mummy bucks by February 28, and decided on just getting Metalhead. I was waiting to see if something else awesome dropped, but I didn’t really want anything they offered. I will say the Cliff Burton Ultimate figure is pretty cool, but I didn’t want to do a pre-order on something like that. Some of my dilemma…If I get one ninja turtle, then I will begin a rabbit hole of wanting them all. I am clearly a Rocksteady fan, but he needs to be with Bebop. You need Splinter and Shredder. You see where I am going here? Likewise they don’t have a full license for Metallica apparently, and so I had to pass on Cliff.

But at least Metalhead reflects a couple of things about myself. I listen to lots of Heavy Metal music and also spend my summer shredding this kind of music up on my guitars. I like robots a lot, and he should go nicely with that Cobra BAT. And I had Metalhead when I was a kid, though I called him “Mecha-Turtle” from the original TMNT NES game. To me, “Metalhead” was the baby name they gave him for the cartoon in order to have more appeal to kids. Does anyone else out there think this?

Metalhead came in similar packaging to the Cobra BAT. There is a nice sleeve over the top. You know you are getting a premium product! This sleeve has a nice manhole cover on the front of it featuring Metalhead’s … head. And on the back the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo.

When you remove the sleeve…WOW. This package is great! You can clearly see what you are getting. I am going to spoil ahead because apparently I lost the picture of all of the accessories. However, you can see everything here! At the top left (and going around counterclockwise…An alternate head, a hand with a finger-whip, two grenades, a backpack, a radar dish, and robochucks, and as you keep going you cas see an inner blister with more robochucks, a weapon rack, and alternate hands. And Metalhead is prominent in the center. The background is a graded orange and yellow. Saying all of this, it still isn’t quite as awesome as the Cobra BAT package. You get a bio card on the back, and this looks like a retro-1990’s graffiti wall.

Now for the bad news. This package arrived mutilated.

And so I won’t be keeping it. See the bricks folded over, and then across the top is a seam from what might have been a box cutter going too deep. I also found it to be ripped as I opened the top. So I cut off the cool back and out the sewer cover sleeve, and tossed the rest. I don’t have that much room in my closet anymore. (The reason why I got rid of my terrific MOTUC collection.)

This was the pic that was supposed to show off the accessories. But at least you can get a good look at the weapon rack. It stands up pretty well on its own. And also Metalhead does as well. I spent a couple of hours playing with him and getting different poses. The joints aren’t quite as tight as you might like. But he really doesn’ have much trouble standing.

Because this is the first TMNT ultimate figure, or indeed seven-inch TMNT figure I have ever owned, I thought it extra interesting how they handled the shell and the plastrom (that is, the underside of the shell.). Basically you have another buck underneath which seems to have an ab-crunch and everything, but they have made this shell into permanent armor that fits over that. It looks great. I have no desire to try and remove the belt. The backback fits nicely on his back in the same way the original did, with little holes in the check that are for pegs. (Am I remembering this correctly, Hub City geeks?)

The weapon rack is unpainted, and the only reason I figure they include it is for nostalgia, as the original figures came with a sprue of ninja weapons that you had to tear out. Somebody out there has disassembled one of these that came with their Metalhead, and I say to you, you are a sad person.

I mentioned above that there are two sets of robochucks. One is to attach to the backback, and the other goes on his hand. These hands are removable and swappable, but I was extra careful, not wanting a repeat of what happened with the Cobra BAT. You can see in the pic that he holds the grenade just fine.

And here we are with the whip. When I saw the pictures on the internet, I couldn’t tell what this was supposed to be. Upon getting it, I realize it is an alternate hand with the finger opened up like a door so that this snakey cable can come out and…shock people?…whip people?….grab stuff?…It must be a relic from the cartoon. Someone out there should inform me in the comments. Notice (you probably can’t) that this is the other head. You see, the proper head for this figure has a translucent red “brain” exposed, and light can come in and make his eyes glow. The alternate head is fully painted. Seems like a waste. They should have given us a different expression or something.

Comparison time…

When I got Metalhead, I was thinking of what things would go nice together. And why not a robot ninja turtle to go with my robot Cobra soldier? You can see here that the Cobra BAT towers over Metalhead. Both are seven-inch scale, but I suppose the TMNT guys are supposed to be diminuative. And maybe the BAT is a tall boy.

One other suprise. I thought we probably could swap parts. NONE OF THE PARTS ARE COMPATABLE. You can’t attach the robochucks to the Cobra BAT, or Cobra BAT’s drill arm to Metalhead. The heads are also not compatable, (But why would you do that?). At least the colors are complimentary, as both are based on a cartoon appearance.

But it doesn’t matter. Good triumphs over evil! (Technically, I guess Metalhead is more of a good guy. Mecha-Turtle, from the NES game…that guy was all bad.)

How do I rate Metalhead?

The package was cool…too bad mine was messed up. But I cut out the nicest looking pieces to keep. The graded orange-yellow cardboard behind the figure leaves a little to be desired. (Cobra BAT had a terrific explosion, reminiscent of the vintage GI Joe packaging.)

His joints are kind of loose, and I worry about breaking the pegs. I have to admit, the alternate head hasn’t snapped on tightly and I am afraid to force it. I don’t even like it, so why risk breaking the ball and socket peg?

Metalhead came with plenty of accessories including alternate hands and a weapons rack.

I think I have to give this one a 3/5. It hits all of the average marks. And I kind of “settled” on getting it.

What do you think, Hub City Geeks? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments!

(Sorry about the red background cloth being wrinkled. I need to upgrade my gear, I think.)

Super7 Ultimates B.A.T. SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review

Deck the Halls will Boughs of Cobra. Cobra La la laa, la lah la laaa.

Beautifully done, chorus teacher SpartanNerd. I ordered this as a part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on It had been a long time since I ordered one of the Ultimates. Back when they did the Masters of the Universe Classics, I got Ram Man, and if I reviewed him, the post has been deleted because it got NO VIEWS. Come on, Hub City Geeks. Send some love! Ram Man was nice, but I don’t have him anymore. He was given up with the great purge that got me into the Mega Bloks/Construx/MEGA figures.

But I saw this figure earlier in the year and wanted it immediately. I didn’t bite then, though. Same problem as before. Where is the room? My sad little shelf is way overstuffed now. And I surely can’t go into collecting GI Joe’s. (I think if I did, I would go for collecting the vintage ones.)

But I bought it anyway. It was on sale. I figured to keep it in box beside Cobra Commander. (A similar thought pattern went into purchasing GI Joe Classified Series Sgt. Slaughter from GameStop.)

The Cobra B.A.T. came in a very nice package. I was totally floored at how nice this was! After opening Sgt. Slaughter, no comparison. This sleeve leaves me with a dilemma. I want the figure on display. But this part of the box, wow! It has this foil coloring, with Cobra blue camouflage designs, and silver outlines. Just this much did it for me. This puts Mattel’s MOTUC packaging to shame, and definitely puts the Hasbro windowless box to shame! When you remove the sleeve, you can see the figure still in a nice box, and you can read the details on the back. The back has this cartoonish robot feature with a screen that gives us what serves as a bio card for the Cobra B.A.T. Not a single person who purchased this would not know what the B.A.T… is about. But I paid $36 for this figure, and felt right away upon opening it that I was receiving a premium treatment. (Recently, the MEGA Snake Mountain box has underwhelmed me.)

As we continue, it becomes apparent that this is a collector-friendly package. You just slide out what turns out to be TWO LAYERS of blisters. This guy has alternate hands, a pistol, a machine gun, two backpacks (one traditional and another a barrel-shaped container), an alternate damaged head, and a spark damage effect.

He stands tall with no problem. He is tall and posable. In fact, it is just about exactly like the Masters of the Universe Classics figures. The pistol pic below was no problem to pose him into. His damage effects are also really cool…On the cartoons Cobra’s disposable army were really easy to beat up. I will say that I had trouble removing the clear chest piece in order to plug in the spark damage effect. Turns out there is a tiny little tab for you fingernail hiding behind the grenade strap. (Those grenades are not removable as far as I can tell.). The traditional backpack has holes that you can use to store his arm attachments or extra hands. The barrel has room for stuff, but contains some purple spark things. There is a silver feature on his right thigh that I am unsure of the function. It isn’t a holster. (He has a holster for the pistol on his right thigh.). I think this must be from the vintage designs or something. Nothing seeps to peg into that, and I haven’t found any pics on the internet showing it used for something. I like to think it is a communicator or a charging station or battery or something.

His arm attachments are a futuristic gun, a claw hand, and a drill. He comes with open hands, trigger fingers, and fists, and these are in a detailed style as well as in a more plain cartoon accurate style. These are alot of hands! I will say the peg joint in the neck is slightly loose, while everything else is very tight. The pegs on the arm attachments and hands might be too tight….

The backpacks attach by pegs that resemble straps. They peg in to the shoulders. I always feel that I have to force them just the tiniest bit.

The plastic on this guy feels pretty good. Maybe a little soft, which is surprising because the joints are so tight.

Here I have him posed with the GI Joe classified figures. You would think the scale discrepancy would be jarring, but in this case it really isn’t. Maybe Cobra Commander is a Napoleon type? Maybe Battle Android Troopers should be on the taller and bigger side. Sgt. Slaughter’s beefy sculpt offsets the tallness of the B.A.T. (What are the sparks in the barrel backpack? They are like sharp “devil-heads” and can be removed). The photos don’t show it much, but the Super7 figure does have larger feet and legs. I used the box background card (also removable!) to take the classic pic that looks like a vintage cardback. By the way. Why don’t GI Joe Classified figures contain this feature?

Below shows two more comparisons. Here with the few MOTUC figures I have left, you can see he really does fit right in as far as size is concerned. Of course he would fall to the barbaric awesomeness of Vikor and Despara. Check out how close he fits with Sir Lazer Lot.

Just for fun, I put him with the Snow Cat and Frostbite, and you can see how big he is compared to the vintage stuff. You get a “frost giant” kind of story.

I was having so much fun posing him and swapping the parts and taking pictures. And then it was time to put him back in the box. I thought to put the hands back the way they were when I opened it. And then…SNAP.

Just like that. I had another childhood memory. How many GI Joes, Corps figures, and others suffered such a fate? This really stung. After all that positivity, something had to go south. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough? Maybe it’s something more problematic, like cheap soft plastic. These pegs are really tight. But the hands are supposed to be swappable as a feature of the toy, and I can’t say for certain, but I bet they swap with other ultimate figures or MOTUC figures like Trap Jaw and Roboto who have a similar gimmick. I was able to soften it with a hair dryer and dig out the peg with a tiny screwdriver. But man. This really burns. He came with other hands, so it isn’t the end of the world. Only a little sad. And sadness should not go with this hobby.

I had my eye on an Ultimate King Conan the Barbarian with the Throne of Aquilonia. I mean, this made me think twice. (I caved and ordered it just before typing all this even though this tragedy is in my mind.)

So, it is time to grade.

My chorus teacher self wants to give this figure an A-. A 91. I wanted him earlier in the year. Waiting paid off as I got him much cheaper. His packaging was stellar. He went right back in the box and that sleeve went right over for future fancy feeling. He has tons of accessories and posing options. The joints feel good. He looks good.

The only negative would be the breakable nature of the peg on the forearm. Still, I am giving him a 5/5. It would have to be like 4.8/5, though. Do you agree or disagree, Hub City Geeks? Have you had similar issues with Super7’s ultimates figures? Do you think my issue should sully the experience of this guy too badly? Should I cancel my order for Conan? Let me know in the comments.

GI Joe Classified Sgt. Slaughter…SpartanNerd unboxing and review

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!

The SpartanNerd got some new goodies!

First up is a “second”…that is, a second GI Joe Classified figure. (I already had Cobra Commander.). And now, I have Sgt. Slaughter, a figure of a person I actually met in person at the Retro Toy Con in Greenville last year. (Sgt. Slaughter is a real-life character.)

My history with the Sarge. Well, as a child I used to watch GI Joe. But we didn’t have many of the figures. Like Transformers, they were on the more expensive side. Which wasn’t to say we had none. Me and my brothers eventually accrued a small army, but we usually didn’t remember the names of the characters, and some of ours were of the more generic but WAY CHEAPER “Corps” variety. As the older brother, I always gravitated towards Cobra and the Decepticons in these rare but cherished acquisitions. The other issue…my mother didn’t want us to go into the army. I have an uncle who was eventually a colonel. And he of course encouraged us to join up. (Just a note. The character of Sgt. Slaughter would be a Marine before becoming a GI Joe.)

Anyway, Sgt. Slaughter was one of the few official Joes that we had. I remember specifically that he had a removable hat, that I remember specifically getting lost. So most of the time he didn’t have this. Some light research on tells me that we must have had the version that came with the Warthog AIFV.

But this isn’t all, is it? Sgt. Slaughter was a WWF wrestler. I remember watching him. I didn’t watch wrestling that much. It was what came on after the cartoons on Saturday morning, so…BUT, (Confusingly, the sarge seemed to switch to our enemy Iraq sometime in the 1990’s for his wrestling kayfabe. Nobody’s perfect…). Sgt. Slaughter also appeared as a Saturday morning cartoon host and in commercials for GI Joe toys. And finally, the most memorable thing about Sgt. Slaughter for me was the 1980’s movie appearance. In this version, which I got to see dozens of times because we had it on BETA tapes hooked to our Nintendo TV, Sgt. Slaughter shines most of all. Without using a curse word (unlike Beach Head), he let us know what a drill sergeant is all about. “The only way your going home is in a ditty bag. An itty, bitty, ditty bag.” !!!!!!!!!!

(I asked the Sarge what this meant when I met him at the Retro Toy Con last year. The “ditty bag” is a small cosmetics bag that a soldier stores his razor in. At the con I was SO TEMPTED to get an autographed poster of Sgt. Slaughter saying this to hang in my classroom!)

On to the toy review!

WHAT? SERIOUSLY? I ordered my figure from GameStop…I got an e-mail blasting a sale. And so when I clicked, I saw it at a reasonable price of <$25, and ordered it. Having a Cobra Commander already, I knew this would be a pretty cool toy to display beside him.


I had heard of “windowless” packaging for Hasbro’s toys. I might have seen a Star Wars black series Battle Droid hanging on a tab when I visited the store. I didn’t put it together that THIS WAS WHAT I WOULD GET. No window showing us the figure. I did not and still do not appreciate this. OK so there is virtually no plastic in this package. I guess that’s a win for the environment. But the environment has to take second place. We are talking about serious business here, Hub City Geeks.

What we get is a nice picture of Sgt. Slaughter in different situations. The top left is the GI Joe TV host (I think,), the top right is the comic book appearance. Next on the left is a person holding the action figure who is holding a micro action figure which is an included accessory. The right is the image of the Sarge from the movie. The bottom left is a picture of the toy posed holding the machine gun. And in the center, nice and tall, is a modern illustration of the character. If he seems less muscular in this depiction, this is what he really looks like in real life today, only an illustrated version. When GamesStop advertised that this figure would be Six-In-One, what they meant was the six versions that surround the illustration. And they are counting the micro figure.

The back shows us another picture of the machine gun pose, and also a picture of everything in the box along with a ruler showing us how big everything is in scale. Those symbols…

I didn’t pay that much attention to them on Cobra Commander’s box. I guess I just thought it part of the design. But with Sgt. Slaughter’s box next to it, I see that there is more going on here. Something deeper. These are the character’s stats! You can see a whole page about that here. Finally, it makes sense. Cobra Commander has strong leadership, light weapons, “psyops” (psychological warfare), and a mastered skillset for coercion. Sgt. Slaughter has strong leadership, great hand to hand skills, great strength, and a mastered skillset that is too secret to reveal!

The other side has nice art, comparable to Cobra Commander’s.

BUT…Trying to save the environment by removing the blister is a poor excuse for not getting to see the figure we are getting. AND…it looks dumb next to Cobra Commander who has a windowed package. Hasbro. You deal in plastic. Do it right.

Let’s open this up.

This is what you open. The figure is strapped to the open box with paper rope. The other box contains the accessories.

We get what my son in the army says is an AK-47, but you have to assemble it. The magazine and the flashlight were not attached. A pair of sunglasses. A “baton” (is this the right word?), a whistle, a micro action figure on card WITH BLISTER. Three alternate left and right hands, and that hat I remember so fondly.

I think the only couple of things I would add here are a figure stand and a pistol or grenades. But I don’t miss these that much.

Here I have Sgt. Slaughter posed as best as I could to his comic appearance.

I tried to do the pose of the big image on the box…the problem is that the baton will not stay securely in his armpit. Another one you can’t do is the arms folded. His plastic muscles are just too much!

He looks like an 80’s action star holding his AK-47.

In a future post, I will open this micro figure. Why did they include this? Do the recent GI Joe Classified figures all come with this? I really enjoy it, though!

The sergeant must be taller than Cobra Commander. With another upcoming review, you will see that it must be that Cobra Commander is supposed to be on the shorter side. More research needed, I guess. But I kind of like it if he has a Napoleon complex. Seems fitting. The Sarge looks like he could roll up Old Snake and throw him at some BAT bowling pins.

So what do I rate this GI Joe Classified Sgt. Slaughter? No question. That package is a disappointment. I was underwhelmed when I opened the shipper box. And that isn’t what you want in a hobby that is supposed to be about awesome fun. As a teacher that box gets a D+. The contents are clear and the pictures are nice. Blah blah blah. Less plastic. Blah blah blah. I. Want. To. See. What. I. Have. In. The. Box. for display purposes. I am a grown up. Are kids buying these figures? I don’t think so. They have no connection to them.

As far as the figure, it is excellent. 5/5. Hooray! It is a great representation of the classic GI Joe. He looks cool, is highly posable. Looks good with Cobra Commander. No issues with sloppy paint or anything like that. The joints feel right. The swappable hands kind of worry me, but they work just fine…just be careful.

If the figure gets a 5/5, and the package gets a 2/5, I guess I am giving this a 4/5. Do you agree or disagree, Hub City Geeks? Let me know in the comments!