SpartanNerd Thoughts…The Deckbox Situation

This Friday night I took the Liliana deck to Friday Night Magic at The Tangled Web in Spartanburg, SC, but this time I did something that I haven’t done for a year. I used an inferior deckbox. When I top-8ed in February last year, I bought a premium box to reward myself, the Ultra Pro Satin Tower. That plastic box is green, with a smooth satin texture, and a storage compartment for dice. This box makes it easy to go from one place to another. Just put it together and grab your playmat.  I chose green, as that’s my favorite color (in real life, not in Magic.)

This week I used the Legion Iconic 100-card box.  This box is flimsy, and has a velcro latch.  It looks cool with a skull on it, representing us Swamp people.  (Black magic players.)  The problems with this box…cramming it with 60 cards, plus 15 cards for the sideboard, and 15 tokens, all sleeved as well, and a divider.   It was miserable.  And everytime I needed to get a token, the sideboard was in the way, or vice versa.  There was nowhere for the dice, so I had to carry a dice bag.  This time I was using a pad and pen to write down revealed information (through Thoughtsieze or whatever).  So I had to transport five items from place to place.  That’s too much for two hands.  Especially when you are also lugging a trade binder and SpartanKid’s Commander decks as well in a duffle bag.

I have used other boxes before…I generally keep my modern deck in an old event deck box and the Standard deck I am playing in the Satin Tower.  Because I was switching between two Standard decks for the past week, I have put the Legion Iconic box to use.  But It was miserable.

So it is fired.  Just like Sultai Skullkeeper and Pain Seer.

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