SpartanNerd Follow Up…Terraria

(This entry is a follow-up on an article you can find here!)

I’ve finally done it!  Beaten every boss and maximized my character, as well as earned all of the NPCs.  The problem with Terraria…there isn’t a specific goal.  You just…play….

I suppose I can consider that I have beaten the game.  I have already begun a few new worlds.

Here’s what I have learned…

It took me a long time to beat “The Wall of Flesh.”  But after I did, WOW, the game got a lot more fun!  My continual defeat to that boss had me put the game down for about two months.  My character could kill any other creature he would encounter or summon.  But in order to advance, killing the Wall of Flesh is very necessary.

The mechanical bosses are very difficult (Except for the coolest one, “The Destroyer.”)  “The Twins” beat me over and over.  And I had a hard time coming by “Lenses” late in the game…an item essential for building the “Mechanical Eye” needed to summon the Twins.  The way I eventually beat them was by rigging a transporter…I built a boss arena right in the middle of the Hallow, Purity, Jungle, and Crimson biomes in my world.  I preserved a single Crimson Altar right in the middle of the arena.  I rigged a transporter that would take me to the nurse…I would be healed, and then zip back to the arena!

The “Solar Eclipse” and “The Steampunker” are essential to getting the strongest and best items.  “The Clentaminator” is a very nice machine for shaping your world how you want it to be.

I found some very nice weapons and made some as well.  However, the strongest weapons and items aren’t necessarily the best.  I made “The True Night’s Edge” and “The True Excalibur.”  But the “Murderous Death Sickle” is the best weapon I found.  It launches copies of itself that spin through walls and hit any enemies around it.  And you can fire multiple you are surrounding yourself with powerful hitting energy!  Virtually no enemy on the game except the bosses can withstand this weapon.  And the bosses don’t stand long!

As for wings…I crafted both the Angel and Demon wings.  Neither seemed as good as the Fairy wings.  I also have the sparkly wings, and I haven’t decided yet if I like them as much as the fairy wings.

I still can’t mine the Jungle Temple Bricks.  I have spent minimal time finding spoilers.  I finally broke down and learned how to mine the “green stuff…”  I had a BEAST drill, but it just wouldn’t do it.  So I have the best drill now, the Drax,…which can.  (The green stuff is “Chlorophyte”.)  But even the Drax can’t bust the Jungle Temple block.  The internet says a “Picksaw” is required…a rare item drop from beating The Golem.  I have beaten him five times, and he hasn’t dropped the Picksaw.  😦   What makes Golem so frustrating is the rarity of the “Lihzard Power Cell,” an uncraftable item rarely dropped.  YOU CAN beat “Plantera” and take his jungle key to a new world, where you can unlock the temple and just steal one or two from the chests inside, then bring it back to your world.  But this feels like cheating to me.  Either way, I’ve done it in order to summon the Golem…and he always drops something really nice.  But he hasn’t dropped the Picksaw yet.

Following are a couple of pictures of my game!

My world is quite large and detailed.  Note that I have been “purifying” the world.   You can see my “Boss Arena,”  That square thing right at the underground level.  I designed the arena around a Crimson Altar, so that I could summon a boss here easily.  It is easy for me to see whether or not it is daytime or nighttime…most bosses have to be summoned at night.  Before I cleansed it, a little of the Crimson, Purity, Hallowed, and Jungle all converged at the arena…this caused a variety of enemies to always spawn in the arena.  I also have two machines.  One generates hearts so that my character can easily heal during a fight, the other is the transporter, discussed above.

Eventually I figured out that it was best to build the houses for the NPCs in the sky.  The Harpies and Wyverns are occasionally a headache.  But during Blood Moon and other events, the NPCs are always safe.  The most interesting part of this plan is that there is a Mushroom Biome incorporated into the Sky City…to accommodate the mushroom man character.  This biome eventually became a money generator.  I would harvest the mushrooms and sell them to NPCs and then buy stuff.

Here is a close-up of my Sky City.  Notice the transporter…If I had a mechanical item selected in the access bar, then you could see a long wire leading off to the arena, which is strategically a good distance from the Sky City.  It was challenging to build, though.

And the picture below is of my character, named “Teddie”, is fighting the Golem.  You can see I put the heart generator machine nearby so I could constantly heal.

Terraria has been a terrific romp into a kind of game I never played before.  The game designers evidently also push out special holiday bosses and biomes.  The two month break I took evidently had an Easter theme…but I missed out.  But I will keep my eyes pealed.  If the game designers do that, I will continue to be engaged in this deep, new, and yet nostalgic game.

SpartanNerd…”Terraria”…a New Addiction

I haven’t been shy about my indifference to “Minecraft.”  I really just don’t get it.

And when the SpartanKids were interested in Terraria, I showed about as much enthusiasm.

Then one day, I saw them playing it.  WOW.  An old school side-scroller.

Only, it’s not.

Terraria is a game I haven’t been able to put down.  The whole experience has had me glued to my iPad Mini.  And I am WAY out ahead of my kids in the game.  Because I just “get it.”

Terraria has an element of Minecraft, where you have to find certain pieces of a recipe and make certain weapons and things.  But there is a strong resemblance to NES style graphics.  The characters all speak in one sentence phrases, but they seem to always be telling you something different.

Something else…I have been approaching this game the same way as I used to approach NES games that I hadn’t beaten.  But in a way, with the “open world” style of the game, as well as the processing power of computers nowadays, a game with 8-bit graphics can seem endless….literally.  And I haven’t been looking at spoilers.  Same as when I was in fourth or fifth grade.  I would talk to my friends about how to do things on games at school.  But it was rare for there to be a guidebook, and the internet wasn’t open yet.

So, I know there are guides online.  But I don’t want to know.  The game has plenty enough spoilers in tips on the load screen.  I want to discover things.  For me, that is the fun of the game.  I have defeated three bosses already, and can’t wait to find out what else I can do.

SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review…Minecraft Steve with Diamond Armor

Someone’s been a hopping down the Easter Trail at the SpartanNerd household…and bringing brightly colored, low rez goodies!

Lets have a look at Steve..the hero from Minecraft.

I am going to have to admit something.  I don’t really get Minecraft.  And I remind the SpartanSmurfs constantly that there must not be a point to a game if you don’t score points or save a princess.  But they contend that it is the lack of a mission that makes the game fun.

Whatever.  I’ll say it again.  Kids these days don’t know how to game!

OOPS.  A little rant.  Back to the review.

This toy comes in this box.


You can clearly see the contents.  Notably, there is only the word MINECRAFT on the bottom, with no character name or description.  Instead that information is at the top of the blister card.  The #2 at the top indicates that this toy is from series 2.

And the back?


Here you get a little more info, a battle pose for “Steve”, and a look at some other products in this series.

So, lets open this up and throw away the box!

statue steve

Here is Steve, fully assembled and standing on his block.

Here is a shot of all the pieces.


The SpartanSmurfs tell me that this block isn’t a block.  It is “Diamond Ore.”  OK.  Looks like a block to me.  Notice the helmet and sword.  They are blue…this is supposed to be the diamond color.  This Steve is in Diamond Armor, after all.

I assure you readers, that the parts of the a figure come apart easily for customization.  But SpartanSmurf #2 forbid me to take him apart and photograph him….

This helmet almost got lost on Easter, when SpartanSmurf #2 was running down a hill at my grandma’s house, while holding the figure, and fell down, dropping the helmet in some thick clover.  Good thing I have sharp eyes…(this time I was just lucky.)

Here are a few more poses by said SpartanSmurf #2.

sitting steve

They sit around and play Minecraft. Now Minecraft sits around and plays you!

limbo steve

It is apparently funny to make every action figure do the limbo…


fighting steve

Remember this, from the back of the box?


Because I am so clueless and unenthusiastic about this game, I asked them to give me 10 things to say about this figure.  Here is the information, verbatim.  Keep in mind, I don’t pretend to purport this information as accurate.  And because an 8 year old and a 12 year old told me what to write, it might have some opinion and bias, as well as inaccuracies.  That disclaimer delivered, her goes:

  • Steve has Diamond Armor
  • a diamond sword. It can hit for seven hearts of damage. against any enemy. a skeleton and villager take 3. You can fight against other players….Ender Dragon takes about 200 sword hits. The Wither takes about 300. However, the SpartanSmurfs are not truly certain. Herobrine takes 307
  • Removable helmet. Made of diamond. Provides protection from his head…adding 2 to his armor class. The rest of the armor is diamond. The chest plate is about 4. The leggings are about 3. the boots are about 2. All of this is the most protection you can have.
  • To get the armor you have to mine a lot of diamonds. Maybe about 20 diamonds to get the full armor. Diamond is very hard to find. It is the second rarest item on the game, after emerald.
  • I am told there is a command that lets you switch between game modes. This is how SpartanSmurf #2 has acquired such a rare armor.
  • When you are hurt, your armor loses durability. Your hands, you face, and back of your neck are unprotected.
  • SpartanSmurf #1 says that he saved a village from 1000 zombies that he spawned in creative and then switched to survival with the diamond getup.
  • You have to modify the diamond armor and sword with an enchantment table….You can make it have thorns for instance. Or the weapons can deal fire damage.
  • An Anvil lets you use a spell book, which you can use to specifically enchant something. And you can even give unlimited enchantments.
  • It looks very cool, and becomes sky-blue and shiny if enchanted. This is the best thing about the way it looks.


OK.  Now for my opinion.  About the figure.  I mean, that’s all I can really do.

Steve has less articulation than a Lego Mini-figure.  But he still gives you the vibe that he could be one if he were smaller.  His arms move on a circular joint, he has no wrist articulation.  His legs also only move back and forth.  He does have a torso/waist twist.  His head can turn all the way around.  He comes with a helmet, a shield, a sword, and a piece of “Diamond Ore.”

I personally wouldn’t buy or want to buy something like this for myself.  I prefer super articulated figures.  And let’s face it.  I have NO ATTACHMENT TO MINECRAFT!  Did I mention that this guy is valued at around $15?  Why?  Demand, I suppose.

I tried to play it a couple of times…I don’t get it.  And I wasn’t immersed in the world like a game should do.  However, the kids nowadays really are into it.  And It seems to be a clean game.  I know that there are some hoaxes about the game going around…the aforementioned “Herobrine” is one of them apparently.

So my rating for Steve with Diamond Armor from Minecraft is 1/5.  What’s yours?  (This is the lowest I have ever rated anything, I believe.)