SpartanNerd Dual Deck Matchup…”Liliana” vs “Divine”


Sorry for the break.  I actually have to work.  Anyways, the SpartanKid has been blogging away, and it has been no problem for me to feature him as a guest.  A little cutting and pasting, and it’s magic!

So now I get to tell everyone how awesome Liliana is AGAIN!  There are some decks that we just get…and I just “get” Liliana.

We have played four matches of Liliana vs. Divine.  The angels are just too slow.  While their synergy is very dangerous in certain combinations if they happen to get it right, Liliana’s less mana-hungry deck generally prevents this from happening.  Twilight Shepherd is a problem.  Luminous angel continual threatens to get flying chumps out.  You would think that there was no re-animation in the Divine deck, but Reya Dawnbringer does just that.  And that is sometimes a problem.  Otherwise, Liliana has ways of taking out virtually all of the angels. including Akroma.  Mutilate is just beast, and you can Enslave another angel to block for you.  Lilliana is also pretty good at life gain,  Maybe even better than the angels, with Tendrils of Corruption and Corrupt.  And if you are able to reanimate everything with Liliana, (difficult in this match because the angels are big flyers,) then you have won the game.

Of the four matches between the two decks, Divine has one win, and Liliana has three.

I have been looking into taking the Liliana deck to a modern tournament sometime.  Apparently most of the cards are legal in modern, with the exception of Snuff Out and the cycling lands.  Cool, because more Mutilate and Liliiana cards would be needed.  I don’t know if if it would be competitive against, say, say Pod, or Kiki Jiki.  But still it would be fun.  I have been playing a standard Liliana deck made of lots of discard effects and Waste Not.  It is something NOBODY ELSE is doing.  It’s good to be different.  But Jeskai is the match to beat right now in my meta-game.

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