Wave 2 Mega Construx Minifigs- SpartanNerd Review

I think this is wave 2? It has been awhile since Mattel acquired Mega Bloks and re-branded them, and became aggressive on popular properties and their own IP. I have the key MOTU figures from the “heroes” line, with the sporty orange, gray, silver packages, but have become a completist for the vintage style cardbacks. And I keep most of them MOC…(well, you find them at Wal-Mart and places and look for a package that isn’t too dinged up.). But I have also opened plenty of the characters. For instance, Faker. I have Faker MOC, but have another to display or mess around with. He was common enough.

Like I said, I think this is wave 2 of the vintage cardback. Here’s my review. I am keeping these MOC for the most part.

Here is Tri-Klops in mini comics coloring. I give 3/5 because I think the pink and lime green looks strange on the character. If you have read the old mini-comics, then you know this version of Tri-Klops was more of a bounty hunter type. We got Tri-Klops already with classic toy colors in a the Battle Ram set. I don’t feel the need to open this one. BUT…

Here’s Trap Jaw in filmation colors. 3/5 because it looks like he has a normal face under the jaw. We already got mini-comics colored Trap Jaw in a Skeletor head set. (The one with the improved turret you can put on Castle Grayskull.). And do you see my dilemma now, Hub City Geeks? It is kind of wrong to have minicomics Trap Jaw working with original filmation color Tri-Klops. And it’s wrong to display a mixed pair too. BOO!

At least the rest of these don’t present an issue.

This is Roboto in 200x coloring. 5/5. I like it, but won’t be opening this one because I have another set to review that includes the classic clear body with the classic gears.

OH ME! I want to open it so bad! 5/5! But I am keeping in on card, at least until I find a better example. This package has been marred up pretty bad. Let me mention, when you open these, it is like they are trying to give you “collector friendly” packaging, with a little plastic tab out by the character’s head. I assure you, I have never opened one of these without the bubble ripping the designs off of the card. It is tempting because I want to spin the face around.

And the final one. This one I might open if I find another on card. It is still a 5/5. He really glows. You see, I have the “heroes” printing MOC. It is worth $50! I paid around $30 for mine. This character was very scarce. Everyone wanted it I guess, or it wasn’t packed out like it should have been. Or something. So here is a second printing, this time on vintage explosion card. If he turns up with regularity, I will know this version isn’t worth as much.

As I was re-organizing my peg board, I took these pics for fun.

Notice anything glaring?

WE DON’T HAVE HE-MAN ON THIS CLASSIC CARD BACK! I have everything released so far, including both colorways of Evil-Lyn. The Skeletor we have isn’t classic colors either. (There are alot of variations in color for Skeletor, but this one isn’t classic.)

Now I know we have He-Man on this cardback in a two pack with Beast Man. And we have Skeletor in classic colors with flocked Panthor in a two pack. But we need the single card version.

Just for fun, here is my collection of Mega Construx Heroes. I haven’t been a completist for this line.

What they need to do is re-release He-Man and Skeletor as they are here with a classic explosion back. Also notice this is how you get original toy colors of Evil-lyn. (You good counters out there know that makes three of her on card.)

The only things brand new here in Wave 2 are Man-E-Faces and Roboto, who as I mention, has a different version out there. My average for this set them is 4/5. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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