SpartanNerd Review…MOTU Little People

The SpartanWife said…”I ordered something for you!” I wondered what it was?

This was about…the beginning of May maybe. Then it arrived. So I opened it up and was surprised to see these cuties!

I suppose as a child I had some of these. I’m pretty sure my own children did too. AND…I think we might have a manger scene of them…or maybe my mom did?

The SpartanWife said she just absolutely loved these and the way they were marketed. And so she had to get them for me. I’m glad she did!

The front of the package (shown above) is a nice window box showing you the figures inside. It also has the classic Masters of the Universe exploding rocks theme. There is a Snake Mountain motif. The figures are on a blister that gradients from transparent to solid purple. This box is foil. I mean…absolutely premium foil! See those little round stickers that say “Adventure” “Fantasy” “Ages 1-101.” These are not stickers…they are in fact printed on the box to make it look like it has those. As if they were in the discount bin or you were buying them somewhere cheap. (I looked it up. Not to break etiquette for getting a present, but these sold on Mattel Creations for $29.99). There is also a “Little People Collector” blurb up there on the left corner. Is that a thing? It seems like something that would go well today, with Funko Pops and such everywhere.

The figures you can see are (from top to bottom) He-Man, Skeletor, Moss Man, and Faker. He-Man is holding his non-removable sword. Skeletor has both arms up. Moss Man is an obvious re-paint of a Beast Man…and it is notable that they painted the armor yellow. This is for the SpartanNerd and others like him…we all had the MOTU weapons packs as children, and the Beast Man armor in yellow was a feature of that. You could put it on whoever you want. In this case it is perfect for Moss Man, because he is just a re-deco of Beast Man anyway.). I don’t know if I realized this as a child, however. I’m pretty sure I didn’t realize Stinkor and Mer-Man were the same until I was an adult.

Faker is a re-paint of He-Man. This is notable here because he has He-Man’s armor painted orange. Vintage fans will realize Faker’s original armor was actually Skeletor’s armor in orange. (Or is that yellow?)

What else about the packaging?

The back of the box has some drawings of the characters in this toddler-esque style. Notable that the art features Skeletor holding the Havoc Staff, but the toy does not. The little blurb uses the word “Foil.” Kabaam! Perfect wording! See that price sticker on the bottom…it’s fake!

More stickers on the side.

And another pic of the toys on the other side.

It is collector-friendly packaging…the front cover just slips up over the top. There is a little transparent sticker holding it together. I used a plastic disposable knife even. Then you remove the blister tray. But…

The bottom of the blister was sliced. BOO! The value of this set kind of is in displaying it…(If you aren’t giving it to a toddler.). Now why did this happen? How did this happen? Who knows. But it did.

Here are some pics using the background of the box.

The back of this inner box features the fearsome snake. (This image was previously covered up.). It makes for a nice display.

If the package hadn’t given us enough awesome already…we get some bios! I placed the figures here beside their bio.

So what are these figures…Well. They are basically non-articulated chunks of plastic. They have a hole on the bottom of their shoes so you can make them into finger puppets or maybe put them on some Little People playset pieces. (I believe this was what worked on the aforementioned nativity scene.). I am unaware of any MOTU specific playsets for these figures to use.

Chunks of plastic they be, they are still stinkin’ cute!

Here are some comparison shots.

I enjoy these figures alot! Rev. SpartanNerd has placed them prominently in box in his church office. I thought about taking them out of package and placing them on the dash of my truck, like people are doing with rubber ducks nowadays on Jeeps. But I don’t want them sliding around…

They are terrific office pieces. And maybe I will play with them sometime when I take a break from studying for a sermon?!